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Chapter 15 - All kinds of objections raised by Joram and the chief priest, against the Messiahship of the Boy Jesus and their refutation.

1. I said: “You have spoken quite well according to your way and perception, as your thoughts and ideas do not reach any further than your breath. But if you were able to think more broadly and deeply, you would also look at Me with quite other eyes, and also judge Me quite differently. But since you already consider what I told you about My inward Spirit as so very scandalous, will you then explain to Me what kind of spirit it was that spoke through the prophets?”

2. Joram said: “That was God’s Spirit, and the same by which all things were created!”

3. I said: “Well, if that Spirit which spoke through the prophets was the Spirit of God, whey then should My inward Spirit not be God’s Spirit, as I am able to work through It far greater things than all the prophets have ever worked since Enoch? For they were limited to work upon a certain sphere only: but I know no limitation, and do what I will, and what I will, must be done! But if so, how can My inward Spirit be another than that which spoke through the prophets?”

4. Joram said: “Just so, just so, that could easily be, if only you were no Galilean! But it is written in the Scriptures, that out of Galilee there arises no prophet, and therefore you must agree that we may not and cannot compare your inward spirit with that of the prophets!”

5. I said: “Was I then also born in Galilee? Was not Bethlehem, the old town of David, My birth place? Look it up on your registers and see if it is not so! Or was perhaps Isaiah no real prophet because he also came to Galilee, and prophesied there near the old town of Caesarea Philippi? See how blind you are, and how blind you are, and how little your judgment stands the test!

6. The Scripture says of course that no one who is born in Galilee can be awakened to be a prophet: but as neither My foster father Joseph nor May, the mother of My body are Galileans, even as I Myself, by birth, am not, but have all been as strangers for nine years in Nazareth, how then shall I too not be able to possess, as well as every other prophet, the divine Spirit within Me?”

7. The chief priest said: “But is it not also written: ‘See, I send My angle before thee that he may prepare the way of the Lord, and make plaint he path for His feet?’ and that Elijah would come before Him and prepare mankind thoroughly for the great coming of the Messiah? Is this now the case with You? Were is the Angel of the Lord, and where is Elijah?”

8. I said: “For men of your kind, who cannot see the wood for trees, there has surely never been either an angel of the Lord, or His prophet Elijah! However for those who do see, all this happened already twelve years ago! But you have neither seen nor recognized the angel who spoke with Zachariah, nor his son who had so marvelous a birth; for what is not done for you with fire, lightning and crashed of thunder, you do not notice!

9. When Elijah in his rocky cave, was summoned to note how Jehovah would pass before it, a fire first passed before the opening: but Jehovah was not therein. Then there passed a mighty storm: but Jehovah was not therein. Then in the end, a scarcely perceptible rustling passed before the cave. And behold, in that was Jehovah!

10. And see, it is even with that, that the great prophet of whom mention has been made, announces the present coming of the Messiah!

11. You perhaps expect fire and storm which has already often passed before you; but Jehovah was not in them. Now, the soft rustling passes before you in which is Jehovah of a truth, but this is not noticed by your deaf ears and blind eyes, neither will you note it excerpt at the end of your life, when however it will be too late, and will no longer be of any great profit to you!

12. I think that I spoken somewhat obviously. Now give Me an answer to it according to your Tempe wisdom!”

Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-15 Chapter