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Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-30 Chapter

Chapter 30 - The question of Nicodemus about the poles of the earth. The answer of the Boy Jesus. The bond of friendship between Nicodemus and the Boy Jesus.

1. Here another elder rose and said: “What do you know then about a most distant pole of the earth? Now tell me something about it, for I already once heard something about it from a Greek who had traveled much.”

2. I said: “I know not only about the poles of the earth, but very exactly about all the eternally wide poles of all the Heavens of God! But to give you an idea of it, I should have to be your teacher for at least a thousand years! Therefore that would not do. But I will tell you something quite different.

3. To those who shall once be within My doctrine, I will give My Spirit that shall make them the truest children of God, and shall guide them into all truth and wisdom, and truly, infinity itself will contain nothing natural or spiritual which shall remain unknown to them.

4. If you perhaps become a disciple of My doctrine, you too shall taste of the Gifts of the Spirit of God, and shall get to know the poles of the earth better than you have known them up till now!”

5. The questioning elder made surprised eyes at this My answer, and took careful note of it, for he was not yet old, but one of the wisest among the elders. For the title ‘elder ’ was often given to quite a young man, if he had the necessary means for it, i.e., gold, and also enough intelligence. And of that there was no deficiency with My questioner. His name was Nicodemus who, later on, at the beginning of My teaching, also secretly became in all earnestness, My disciple, as is already known now.

6. This elder had secretly written all My speeches most deeply in his heart, and had paid great attention to them. He got up from his seat, came to Me and with the greatest friendliness said to Me in secret: “Dear, most lovely, marvelous Boy, if you should perhaps come once again to Jerusalem, then pay me a visit – only quite by yourself: we two shall easily get on with each other. And if your parents are in need of anything, they need only come to me. My name is Nicodemus.”

7. And I also clasped his hand in friendship and said: “If perhaps you once come to Nazareth, you also, out of all your colleagues, will be the only one who will find Me: and if you are in want of anything, then come to us, and I will help you with all that you will ever need. For the rest however I already accept the good will for the deed.

8. But as you are at the same time a permanent head of all the citizens of Jerusalem, take care that on the part of the most imperious chief priest who did not wish to honor Me, there should not be too great oppression both inside and outside the temple, and that I should be obliged to let judgment break forth upon this city before the time appointed.

9. Remember Me: My Name is ‘Jesus Emanuel’ and My spirit is called ‘Jehovah Zebaoth’! Now you know where you are! Confide and trust in Me and you will not see death!”

10. When Nicodemus heard these words from Me, his soul secretly exulted: but he did not let his colleagues perceive anything of it.

Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-30 Chapter