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Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-32 Chapter

Chapter 32 - The arrival of Joseph and Mary in the temple. The question of the parents and the answer of the Son. The friendly conversation of the Roman and Nicodemus with the parents of Jesus. In the palace of the Roman. The return to Nazareth.

1. At this moment My parents entered this special hall, lead by one of the temple servants, and were secretly astonished above all measure to meet Me in such a very wise and highly honorable company.

2. The Roman asked them at once if I were their Son.

3. The parents answered in the affirmative with visibly great joy, but Mary – less by way of giving Me a reprimand than of showing off a little her authority as a mother before the great worldly lord – said; (although with the kindest voice in the world): “But dearest Son, why have You done this to us? Nearly three days long have we searched for You with great anxiety!”

4. I said: “How could you do that? I already told you beforehand at home, that I should have to do here that which is the will of My Father in Heaven!”

5. Thereat, both of them were silent, and wrote these words deeply in their hearts.

6. After this the Roman told them in full detail what kind of being I was, and what I had spoken and done, and how all were surprised at the lofty wisdom and power of My speeches, as well as at the incomprehensible power of My will, and now therefore he, as one of the first of the powerful Roman authorities in Jerusalem, had got to love Me beyond all measure; and that he offered My parents to procure for them every possible advantage

7. For which especially Joseph thanked him most warmly and heartily, and recommended himself particularly as a carpenter and architect in case he should be needed, and soon afterwards he also had to undertake for the Roman, large buildings in and about Jerusalem. Joseph even received the order to make a new throne for the judge, according to the Roman pattern, and earned very much money thereby.

8. In the same way the more than wealthy Simon of Bethany assured Joseph, while still in the temple, of his fullest friendship, after which, we arose and prepared to depart.

9. Here also the temple officials except Nicodemus arose, made a deep bow to the Romans and went away. The latter however most kindly accompanied us to the palace of the Roman, who absolutely insisted upon our staying with him this night, and of enjoying his most exquisite hospitality, I had to bless his family and all his children and after that he said:

10. (The Roman Judge): “Only now has the greatest salvation and the highest honor come to my whole house; for the Lord of all Lords, and King of all Kings and Emperors has visited and blessed my whole house!”

11. It is easy to understand that My parents were most edified and touched at this, and they never forgot that moment.

12. After that we were conducted to the dining hall where an excellent meal awaited us – one which was very refreshing, particularly for My parents who had become tired and hungry.

13. During this repast which lasted long, Mary had to tell the Roman all about My conception and birth, and in addition a number of dates of My childhood, at which he continually exclaimed in an enthusiasm of admiration:

14. (The Roman Judge): “And these temple champions know and yet believe nothing!”

15. But after the meal we went to rest, and on the next day the Roman procured for us a very comfortable drive as far as Nazareth, and provided Joseph with abundant money for the journey. Simon also accompanied us as far as Galilee, where he had to see to some business in a market town, and thus we then arrived quite safely again at Nazareth, wherewith the temple scene came to an end.

16. It is known that I allowed little more to be remarked of My Divinity until My 30th year, and thus the only right and true account of the Three Days in the temple is concluded. Blessed he who believes it and is not offended at it! Whoever reads it, full of faith in his heart, shall receive much blessing. Amen. I, The Lord, say this.


Main Page Three days in the Temple of Jerusalem 3DAYS-32 Chapter