A Servant, a Hire and the Heirs

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The Lord explains… A Servant & The Heirs… I am The Head & You shall go where I send you

April 27, 2008 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For Timothy and His Wife, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, read My Word, and so do as I command you. For I have not brought you to this place to exalt you, neither have I brought you here to abase you… Rather, that I might be exalted through you, and to teach you My ways and of My love, even to the giving of Myself to you and the accepting of your decision to relinquish all of yourself to Me… And by this, I shall be established in you and you in Me.

Fear not, nor consider… Only ask, and listen, and so do. I have given you to hear… Use what you have received, and have peace. Build trust, never abandon hope, nor turn aside anyone I have sent to you. Have I not made you My servant? And your wife, My handmaiden? And if you are My servants shall I not command My own, so they may also serve all My guests arriving at My house? And what of My own children? Does not the servant also serve the Master’s heirs, as they do serve the Master?

Yet hear and understand, I have also set you over them, even as a flock… My shepherd. Is not the shepherd’s job the same? Does he not tend to the sheep? Is he not the hireling, both shepherd and servant, of another man’s sheep? Timothy, you and your wife shall serve and submit… even to the giving of everything. Even all of which I shall give you, you in turn shall give it away… Feed My sheep. Even all of which I command you, you shall do toward them. Trust in Me.

When they call, answer them. When they cry, comfort them. When they are injured, bind up their wounds… even by the power of My name. Above all, feed My sheep. They are en hungered, they do hunger and thirst. Timothy, you hear My voice! Beloved, I am with you. Timothy, stumble no more… Walk in Me and find freedom.

One can not sin when in My company. Neither can one’s eyes cause them to sin, while beholding My glory. Neither can the heart of man conceive of sin, when it is filled with My love… Pray without ceasing… be still… and know I AM THE LORD.

For one who is consumed with My love, and feeds himself with My Word continually, has ceased from sinning… His flesh he has forgotten. One who truly walks in Me, who I see of Myself in him, will not stumble.

And what of stumbling? Is there one righteous among you?… Not one. Take My hand and be lifted up… I bind up the broken-hearted. Therefore, Timothy, My servant, and wife of Timothy, My beloved, why do you trouble yourselves over all these things? Shall the hands say to the head… ‚I will not obey. I make my own way‘? Do the feet also dictate in which direction the body goes?…

I am the Head… You shall go where I send you, and do as I command you.

Listen, be quiet, call on My name. Let your hearts be still, and quiet your minds… I am with you, even you two have I chosen. And if I, Myself, have called you, how then is it you question My ways and count yourselves unworthy? Are not all My chosen made worthy?… Therefore, trust in Me.

By Me were all things made, even by My knowledge… All, seen and unseen, known and unknown, is before Me. And what men see, they do not know. And that unknown to them is not hidden before Me. I created all things, and by My knowledge they are and were created.

You have written out questions, even to the putting forth of rules and regulations, prepared for a flock which is not your own, though I have set you over it, forgetting you are the hired ones… Yea, you are also the heirs, even as the flock is also. So then, take these words to heart, and so do, and do so rejoicing.

1. Let them come, Beloved. Welcome them with open arms, and then place their hands in Mine.

2. Be given to hospitality, with abandonment of your own wants and desires… Let go of this world. Give, and you will in turn receive. Yet even more blessed is one who gives, expecting nothing in return… This is to walk in Me, even as I have walked.

3. Correct all, who treat you as a sounding board before the Father. Let them turn first to Me, and search My Word with their husbands. And if still, they seek understanding, let them write to you; and I, in turn, will answer them by filling you with knowledge and understanding, even to the hearing of My voice, according to My will.

4. Timothy, cease not from teaching them… Feed My sheep. For the Day is coming, and is fast approaching, when they shall be left alone, without My prophet… Yet I will be with them. Even they shall also come to hear My voice in those days.

5. Whosoever comes seeking and stands upon your doorstep, welcome them in, for I Myself have sent them. For whosoever welcomes one I have sent, welcomes Me; and whosoever turns away any I have sent, deny Me. And whosoever denies Me, by the one I have sent, will I also deny… They will not be gathered!

Yet have understanding in this… I speak concerning My servants, the prophets, and not of those brothers and sisters I have sent to unify My body, for My purpose. Timothy, these are your helpers, even as you are their servant also. Beloved, wash each others’ feet, in My name… Love one another.

6. Do not feed the children’s food to the dogs, nor cast your pearls before swine. Keep your location, and access to you, private. Let them seek the Lord… Let them read what I have spoken and you have written down. What purpose is there in seeking out My prophet, if My Word is already before them? What does it profit to seek out the messenger, when the Letter is within their hand?… Let them hear and let them forbear, until the time be changed.

7. Trust in Me. For if there is more you require, you have but to ask, and it shall be granted unto you. Yet remember this: Arise each day early, and seek My will, and do it. Then ask of your own, and it shall be given you.

Trust in Me… For in perfect trust is there also perfect peace. Timothy and Beloved, even all of you, My beloved, blow this trumpet I have given Timothy. Sound it continually, even in every manner of speaking and devices.