A Servant, a Vine Dresser, a Man of stumbling

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A Man Exalted, a Man Thrust Forward, One Sent to Glorify the Name of The Lord, a Prophet of The Most High God

February 17, 2009 - From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Timothy, I am the Lord your God… Even I bore you. You are My prophet. And when one, such as yourself, falls from grace, stumbling in sin, is it not removed from him? For as I have spoken to you and My servants of old: One cannot fall from grace once it is given. One can only stumble over sin and those stumbling blocks, which satan places at the feet of all God’s messengers, of which you have and will continue to stumble over, until the day comes when I establish you, and all debris is swept clean from your path… Then will you no more stumble. For as I cannot stumble, neither shall you, for I shall be perfected in you, and My glory shall be shown upon you and within you…

Even as flames of fire shining forth through your eyes, even to the singeing of flesh, according to the word of your mouth, even to the subduing of spirits and of kings and great men, the treading down of mighty nations. For strong is the Lord, who bought you, and marvelous are His ways. And what darkness can stand against Me and those I send? And who can overcome Me? And if no one can overcome Me, then by what means shall they overcome those I send? For I, Myself, shall be established in them, even as a flame of fire!… And, they, who come to provoke Me to anger, shall all be burned! Many to the humbling, an embracing of the warmth of My Word unto repentance; and to the rest, the despised of the Lord, these shall be singed and writhe in pain, according to the power of My Word put forth in My hot displeasure. And My Father shall judge them, and they shall receive their due reward.

So then, Timothy, My beloved son of men, how is it you fall at My feet, as though you also have been burned, though I have not spoken to you in this manner?… Speaking to you always in soft words of grace and encouragement, of wisdom, and when required, stern and soft words… Yet you writhe as one injured… Why?

Stand up! Gird up your loins like a man and face your adversary, and bring also that man, you behold in the mirror, and the flesh thereof, into subjection… Doing so by the power of My own Spirit in you, and by the power of My Name, of which you know and love. Do so in all confidence and faith, and satan shall flee from you and your fleshly mind… Also causing your body to succumb to your authority. As I am the Head of My Body, so then have I made you master over your own body. Human power profits little and comes to nothing… Your will is fleeting. Therefore, take what I have and make it yours, for I have given it to you. Why do you not make use of My gifts? Neither have you endeavored to put on all this armor which lays on the floor in front of you. Pick it up, and reign! Reign over this darkness that troubles you. For satan is put under My feet, as he is placed under yours. Be deceived no longer. For where I dwell, darkness has no foothold… Light reigns. Therefore, make your members members of Christ, and I will cause your adversaries to come and bow at your feet.

My son, you are set apart and holy, even as I am set apart and Holy… For where I am, so will these vessels become… Set apart in glory, for My glory, at My right hand… Even as I sit at the right hand of the Father in Heaven.

So then, the time has come for you to lead, yet not as you have imagined, but according to service… A servant and vinedresser, a messenger of God, an apostle and a prophet of the Most High and His Christ.

What is a servant compared with his Master? And what is the messenger to Him who sent him?

Therefore, you shall lead by example. You shall make a path for others to follow, by being their servant and washing their feet. You shall reveal My glory not by your speech, nor according to the thoughts of your heart, but according to My deeds, which shall be shown through you, and by the power of My thoughts and My Word spoken through you. And when this day comes, even it has come already, and begins anew as I command you, many will come and gather around you and say among themselves and within their hearts, “What manner of man is this? What a strange and unusual man this is, who stands before us, speaking unintelligible words and working magic?” Even those of the Christian faith, and those of the Jews who are known as devout and orthodox, shall also come and gather around, and say in like manner, “What manner of man is this, who has come before us and speaks such lies and blasphemies against God and men? Look at his works, are they not evil and deceptive? His words, contemptible? For no man can do such things unless he had the power of satan in him!”

WOE to them, Timothy!.. Woe to them! Such high-minded hypocrites of the end of this age… Deceivers lost in their own deceptions.

And when this day comes, Timothy, look out past these mockers, and behold the harvest for which you are sent out… Behold their streaming tears, the bowing of their heads, repeating softly prayers and supplications, praise and thanksgiving… Humble and penitent. And when you have ceased from all I have commanded you, they shall come forward silently and reach out the hand, and you shall grasp it, departing through the midst of the throng, going with them to break bread and give thanks, and to pray. Even I shall go with you, and be amongst you, and fill your hearts with grace and peace as a river, even to immovable and steadfast resolve. This have I spoken in your ear, beloved, and so shall it be.

Trust in Me.

Be My broken vessel, exalted to great honor among those who know Me… My immovable vessel, even a detestable lampstand to the world and to the men of this present age of darkness.

Fear not, for I Myself am going with you. I live and dwell within you, so shall I be your Refuge… For you also shall dwell in Me, and we shall be one…

Thus is the prophet’s reward.