A Trying of your Trust… A Testing of your Resolve

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Main Page => Trumpet Call of God => Volume 6


May 14, 2010 - From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Little flock, I will also speak to you… Hear My words, and give heed to My commands.

In your doings, I am well pleased, yet you have not awaited My command. Have I commanded you to keep this feast, at such a time as this? Behold, even Timothy did run ahead, and waited not for My command. Hear the word of My mouth, therefore, for it is I who commands you… Yes I, The Lord of heaven and earth, Yahuwah… Yes I, who causes to be…

Thus says The Lord to His little flock, beloved of The Shepherd… You also must be tried, you also must be tested.

Hear My words… This Pentecost is, and will be, yet is not and shall be no longer. Therefore, you shall make this day, you have set aside, holy… Yet you shall do so by service, and you shall honor your Lord, by doing that which I command you on this day.

For some, this shall be a beginning, while to others, a falling away… A backsliding, a shrinking back from the power of The Lord and His proclamations… Yes, a testing of your resolves, a trying of your judging hearts, an exercise of your obedience, according to your faith. Yet know this and consider: No matter your actions, whether within or without, I, Myself, have looked upon it… And I will be there, close by, watching, and waiting for your call.

Lo, some shall judge and be offended… Yea, some have done so already, and are indeed offended, With their hearts departing, and their eyes distracted by this world and the deceiver… And some will remain.

Therefore, this is what I command you, and this is what you shall do on this Pentecost, even as it remains one week ahead of the time: You shall go out and warn them from Me… You shall warn all those in the churches, as many as you are able, on this day. And behold, the one, to whom the trumpet was given, shall not go with you; neither shall he leave his house. For I have placed the trumpet in his hand, and he has trumpeted for you. Even together, with his wife, have they put the message into your hands. Therefore, neither he nor his wife shall go out. They shall remain, and pray, making intercession for you.

Behold, beloved little flock, I have set before you a call to service, by trust, And a stumbling stone, over which some shall stumble… For as I have given you much, therefore much shall I require… And only a very few shall remain.

And so that, which was begun, shall be finished… The first week of two is ending, and the second is about to begin. Therefore, you must ask yourselves, “Where have all these seeds been sown?… Have they taken root? Or are they choked for the multitude of weeds, which have sprung up?” Beware, for the birds have gathered, and wait eagerly to devour the seeds which are strewn about, which have no foothold… For the gulf widens.

Only that which is first, along with that which is now brought to the forefront, shall bear fruit… For that, which is first, bears fruit according to the seed and The One who has sown it. And that which is put first, which is not of the seed nor of The Sower, must wither… Even it must die and be devoured, until nothing remains.

For many are called, but few are chosen… The first harvest shall be lowly, of the lowly… The second, plenteous. Those who have ears to hear, let them hear… And those who are able to receive, let them receive. And those departing, let them depart… Until the time be changed.