All have been purchased, yet Few have accepted... Few are chosen

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The Lord explains Revelation 14:4… The 144,000 did not defile themselves with Women

All have been purchased, yet few have accepted… Few are chosen

August 19, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Question asked by Timothy… Lord, what does it mean in the book of Revelation, where it says… ‚The 144,000 did not defile themselves with women; they kept themselves pure?‘ (Revelation 14:4)

Thus says The Lord to His servant… Rather the 144,000 have been purchased, redeemed and chosen from the earth as a special offering, and are spiritually undefiled, pure as virgins. Timothy, you have asked, and I have answered you plainly. Thus I tell you, you are of the number. Behold, I have already placed you within their ranks, My seal is upon your forehead… Do you not remember this day?

Yet those who envy seek to cause doubt, by questioning your worthiness and defilement with women. And because of this, they reject My Word spoken to this generation. They remain in their sins, for they want no part with Me as I truly am. They have removed themselves far from Me, and seek to draw others away also, that they might feel validated in their unjust cause…

Yet who The Lord has cleansed is worthy of His purpose; call him not unworthy or defiled! For that which comes from the heart of man does indeed defile the man, yet that which comes from God is holy.

Therefore fear, all you who point the finger, and humble yourselves, all you who twist My words for your own gain, lest you be found guilty of blaspheming The Holy Spirit!

For the defilement which was written, and remains misinterpreted by men, is not defilement with the daughters of men, but defilement with the churches of men, who remain daughters of the church called mother, for she is a harlot, says The Lord. For spiritual purification begins with grace, and is for those whom I have chosen to become virgin in spirit, even a complete cleansing of every aspect of their lives.

All men are defiled, having fallen into all manner of diverse temptations; There is none righteous in all the earth, no, not one… Yet all who repent, in sincerity and in truth, are cleansed in the blood of The Lamb, which is pure and holy…

Therefore, those whom I have called to be My witnesses must become pure in heart and in spirit… They must be separate from the world, and set apart from the corrupt doctrines of men preached in all these churches, who cease not from polluting My name and marring My image.

Timothy, you have not sat among the prideful, nor have you kept the company of those deceived in the churches of men. You have accepted no doctrine at all, until the day I came to you and opened your ears and you heard My voice. Indeed, you were like clay which had been molded by the world, yet you remained unmolded in spirit.

This was not of your own doing, for I had called you from birth to stay virgin in spirit. Behold, even when you were yet in your mother’s womb, I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet, a witness for My name, an enemy to all nations. Thus you put no faith in the doctrines of the world, nor did you accept any doctrine taught in the churches of men.

As for your body and mind, yes, you did become defiled by sin, of this you were guilty, as are all who have gained maturity, yet I have taken your sins from you and remember your iniquities no more. Therefore, I ask you, what defilement remains? For what The Lord has cleansed, in the blood of The Lamb, is a new creation… Virgin.

Behold, I am the same yesterday, today, and all tomorrows to come, says The Lord; no contradiction found! All error belongs to men, exploited by the evil one for his own evil purpose. Therefore, what I have written I have written; it stands! And that which I have written through My servant, John, stands also, though it is greatly misinterpreted, the error of which is compounded by the mistranslations of men.

Yet worse still is the interpretation of My Word by men of intellect and learning, who shroud their arrogance in pretense and hide their error under the guise of established doctrine, unprofitable servants who lead My people astray.

For My Word is for all who truly seek Me and long to know My ways, even to walk in them. Thus My Word can only be accepted and understood by those who have received the love of the truth, for they abide in Me and My spirit resides within them. For how can one who stands apart from Me know Me? And how can one who teaches his own way walk with Me in Mine?

Men do not have understanding of the Scriptures in themselves! Rather it is a gift from God, received through The Holy Spirit, given to those who have placed all their trust in The Holy One. Or have you never read this Scripture… „The fear of The Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of The Holy One is understanding?“

Therefore, to those who have received is all revealed, and to those who have not received is all shut away… Shall the darkness understand the light?! For only those of The Light, bathed in His glory, shall see; the rest left blinded.

For until one calls on the name of The Messiah, in sincerity and truth, by no means shall they receive. For He is The One who had placed the mud upon their eyes to heal them.

Behold, He is also The Water of Siloam which was sent to wash them, that they might now see.

Therefore, repent and give Him glory, all you mockers and arrogant teachers!… And do so alongside those I have chosen to proclaim His glory and announce His coming…

Those who I have sent out to prepare His way before Him, in whom I have placed the word of My mouth… The last trumpet before the time… Says The Lord.