As you have received, so must you give

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The Lord says… The Forest is burning, where are your Children… Is your House in order? (As you have received, so must you give)

March 11, 2006 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, He Who Is Called Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Parents, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This is, what The Lord says, regarding the faith of those who wish to remain in the body of The Messiah, to fulfill My purpose and obey My commands…

Thus says The Lord… Whoever receives My message receives Me, and I sanctify them. Yet whoever does not receive My message is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad, as it is written in Matthew 12:30. So then, those I have sanctified must also sanctify their own children in My name.

Parents, as you have received of The Lord, so you shall share all that you have received… with your spouse first… Then with those, given you of The Lord.

As they are your children, they are first My children, given you under your care. I am The Lord, so then you are also My children. You as parents, who are now My sons and daughters, have become My shepherds shepherding those lambs I have given you. Know this… You are also the messenger, having received the message brought to you by another, who is your shepherd.

You have received My message and believed, and I have sanctified you, by giving you that part of Me, which now lives in you… So then, as I have sanctified you, you must sanctify your own children, in My name… They are Mine, and I have given them to you… as you are The Father’s, and He has given you to Me.

Where are you? And how is your house?… It is in disarray, letting those who abide there chase after the world. Do you not know that this world is condemned, and all who love the world have made themselves enemies of God?! (James 4:4)… One shall lead, or not lead others into faith, according to how they have first kept their own house. If one can not manage his own house, then how can one manage one flock, or even one lamb, in the body of The Messiah?

‚Love one another‘ is My commandment to you… And to love your family is to do everything to save them, even unto the sacrifice of one’s self… This is true love.

Do you not know, love of the world leads to death?… For every person left behind shall suffer wrath, every one… Be it the wrath of God, out of unbelief and the possession of sin, denying The Son’s sacrifice; or wrath because of their acceptance of God and His only begotten Son’s sacrifice for the forgiveness of sin, falling under the wrath of the evil one and his servant, left in a world that now hates you.

I have saved you, with a firm and loving hand, as any father would do, when their children have gone astray and are in danger… Now is the accepted time… Now is the time of action.

All those who know the Truth, which saves you from the wrath of God, must share that Truth. If you share it not, and those in your house fall away and continue in sin, assuredly, I say to you, they shall be punished and judged, and their blood I will require of you.

If you share My Truth with those in your house, and they still not receive it, they shall suffer, but you have saved yourself… But what joy if you share My Truth, and they receive it…

Then in the Day, which comes quickly, I will come… And you, together with them, will be lifted up, when I receive you to Myself.

Parents, you are already in the forest of drought… It is already burning, you smell the smoke of its burning… Shall you run from the forest, saving yourselves, leaving your children to burn? Or shall you stand defiant against the ruler of this world, and run headlong into the smoke, and save those whom you love who are choking?… Trust in God!

Children must obey their parents, and parents, you must cause them to obey… There is no quarrel. Would you say to Me, “Yes Lord, I have heard you, but let me sleep and go my own way, and tomorrow I shall obey”?… Not so, little children, tomorrow is ending, the end is in sight.

Yet I hear My people saying… ‚Yet a little sleep and a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep’… So shall your destruction come as one who travails, and your want as an armed man, leaving you broken and bruised, drowning in many sorrows… Destruction comes nigh! This world shall be judged! Be taken out of, not taken through… Heaven or hell.

Shall you leave your children, as lambs for the slaughter?… The wolves gather. Have you given up, because your children will not listen?… You did not listen to My calling of you, yet I called to you still, never giving up. Even before you were born, I fought for you, having been slain from the foundation of the world. So again, I ask you, where do you stand? And they of your household, where are they?… Your work is not done, until all I have given you is returned to Me. Take heed to yourself, and remember all I have taught you.

I am with you… I am the strength of your heart, I am in the words of your mouth, I am the very water of your tears, and My blood is in your veins… What I have shed, you drank, and is now in you…

I now ask you to share it with those you love, and even with all you meet… This is My will for all parts of My body… Take up your cross, and follow Me.

Stop lying to your Children … Words of Wisdom (Regarding Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and the like)

No lie is of the Truth. Yet the little ones are of The Truth, and remain with Me and in Me. Even now I call to them, for My lambs know My voice. And that which came from Me must soon return to Me…

Therefore, be separate from the ways of this world, and order your conduct according to The Word of Truth, and no more speak lies to your children, for this is sin. Rather feed them with The Bread which came down from Heaven, The Bread which I am, The Way, The Truth, The Life. For this alone is pleasing to God…

Anything to the contrary is of the world and the evil one, no matter its disguise… Says The Lord YahuShua.