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Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-118 Chapter

Chapter 118


118,1. (Borem goes to Martin, raises him up, and says): "Dear brother, you are over-zealous! In future, leave the action to the Lord alone! If we only take action where the Lord commands us, we shall never go wrong.

118,2. To be a match for beings like this one, much more is needed than we are able to comprehend at this stage. Even an angel would not be a match for this being, except with the help of the Lord. For this primordial dragon has a thousand of the most artful means of deceit at his disposal, by which he could inveigle all the heavens if only the Lord would allow it. Considering that none of the citizens of heaven would be at all safe from him without the Lord's intervention, what chance would we have, as newcomers to this kingdom?

118,3. When Michael, the mighiest of all the angels of heaven, fought with this dragon for the body of Moses, he was conquered, and all he could do was to call the Lord's judgment upon this most wicked of beings, to take its spoil away from it.

118,4. And if even a Michael had to get the worst of it, what could the two of us achieve? Therefore, do be careful in future whenever it pleases the Lord for good reasons to allow an encounter with such beings, whose essence is wickedness and falsehood.

118,5. Now rise again and thank the Lord, Who alone saved you from a great evil. For, as far as Satan is concerned, he would have certainly accepted your kiss. Through this, all your heavenly love would have been changed into his hellish kind of love, and with the help of his female shape, which he would not have shed so soon, he would have chained you to himself with more than iron fetters.

118,6. But at that moment, when you wanted to kiss him, the Lord's judgment took hold of him and threw him back into his evil nature. His boundless arrogance rose to the surface and he knocked you back, following which he had to assume his dragon shape once more. So it was the Lord Who saved you, and you had better thank Him for the deliverance of your whole weak being."

118,7. Now Martin quickly rises to his feet and comes rushing to Me, asking My forgiveness for his great folly and thanking Me from the depth of his heart for his deliverance and the admonitions through Borem.

118,8. (But I say to him): "Martin, how much longer will I have to suffer your so-often recurring folly? When will you at last start to act in accordance with your repeated good resolutions? How many more times will I have to make you realize your folly before you have become wise once and for all? Oh, you absurd kind, how much patience is needed to guide you onto the right path?

118,9. Rise now and make sure you become wiser at long last! It is bad enough if some reality makes you stumble, but to allow yourself to be conquered to the last fiber of life by a mere phantom - what an extreme weakness that requires!"

118,10. Martin is sobbing from remorse and keeps asking My forgiveness.

118,11. (Then I bend down to him, raise him, and say): "Behold, now that I have raised you, you can once more stand before Me as a free being. But how long will you keep yourself erect?

118,12. Every true citizen of heaven must eventually achieve complete inner freedom and must not fall if, for a while, he has to walk an extremely slippery path. But what would happen with you if I left you completely to yourself? Would you keep your equilibrium and be sure not to fall if you had to walk a slippery path on your own?"

118,13. (Says Martin contritely): "Oh, Lord, do not ever let me be completely on my own or I shall be lost. I shall not ever wish for absolute freedom. If I could only be the least one close to You, I would be everlastingly happy. Better give also this house to my dear brother Borem, as I am quite unsuited for such a magnificent property."

118,14. (Say I): "Calm yourself and hold fast to Me in your heart and everything will be all right! However, I cannot take this property away from you and give it to Borem, for that would mean I would be taking your life and giving it away! Here, no one can possess anything which is not forthcoming out of himself, for such a living possession must stay with the possessor, as possessor and possession are inseparable in this world.

118,15. Only, you must never consider yourself lord of your property and then it will keep growing in magnificence. Although every citizen of heaven is a completely free owner of the works of his spirit, the fruits of his love for Me, I alone am the Lord over every posession, as I am over every spirit.

118,16. Now you know what things are like here. If you will stand firmly in My love alone in future, your celestial property will not worry you.

118,17. Also, do not be concerned about Borem, for he has plenty of everything. When you have fully matured, he will make you acquainted with his property. Now go to Borem and join in what he is doing. Meanwhile, I shall have a few words with this guest."

118,18. Martin does as suggested by Me.

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-118 Chapter