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Chapter 168


168,1. Peter, John, and Martin lift the sage from the ground and carry him into the magnificent house. At this, the other sun-dwellers, mainly the members of his household, are startled and say to each other:

168,2. (The household members): "What is this? The immortal, chief sage fallen like dead at the feet of this human spirit? And now three of the strange spirits are carrying him into our house! What will come of all this? Who is this spirit that he has such might as we have never before noticed in any angel?"

168,3. (Say some who have followed the carriers): "Did you not hear a while ago that this spirit is supposed to be the Supreme Spirit of God? We are almost certain of it, but cannot understand how you could have missed out on it.

168,4. Did you not hear our chief sage talk to Him and acknowledge Him as the sole host and elder of this and every other house?

168,5. Therefore, search your hearts and think what grace is shown to this house, to this entire world, if its Creator enters it with His most holy feet for the first time visibly to our senses. Hurry ahead and cleanse the luxurious seat of the elder of this house so that the rightful owner may for the first time sit in His rightful place here."

168,6. Following these words, they all hurry into the house and busy themselves there as suggested by the wiser ones from their midst. And I follow right on their heels, accompanied by Chanchah, Gella, and the three daughters of the house. Behind Me follow Borem and Chorel leading the rest of the party, who cannot open their eyes wide enough to take in all the splendors presenting themselves.

168,7. They are all full of joy and praise for Me. For, by now, all of them have fully realized that I alone am the Lord. And that they are now in the company of Him Who is the eternal Master of all these splendors, makes them all the happier. In this order we enter the first dwelling on the sun.

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-168 Chapter