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Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-42 Chapter

Chapter 42


42,1. We have already reached door number five, which is opening before us, and at the first glance, Bishop Martin throws up his hands in astonishment, and shouts: "For the sake of Your divine name, Lord Jesus, Father - what immensity! The most heavenly world without end! And above it another four globes, all bathed in a light which the most imaginative mortal could not possibly picture. The splendor and majesty of these shining palaces and temples, also the smaller temples, which probably serve the inhabitants as free dwellings.

42,2. Ah, I can see also lakes, whose water is shining like the most beautifully cut diamonds in the sunlight. But there everything seems to emit light, for I cannot see any particular source of it. O Lord, Father, how unspeakably beautiful and sublime this is! I could almost describe this beauty as holy, if I did not know that You alone are holy.

42,3. The more I look at it all, the more I see. I can discern already human beings, but they are still too distant for me to see what they are really like. Most likely their beauty will be in accordance with the boundless beauty of their world. It might be better if they did not come too close, for maybe I would not be able to bear the sight of their beauty. I find the sight of this vast, splendid world already overwhelming!

42,4. But Lord, Father, would it be at all possible for any spirit, besides Yourself, to ever fully grasp the boundless profusion, depth, and magnitude of all this sublimity? This must surely be impossible to even the greatest angel!"

42,5. (Say I): "Oh no, My dear son Martin, all that you are seeing here, and are still going to see, is but a tiny part of what the wise angels of My Eternal Kingdom fully understand in every detail.

42,6. For all that you are seeing here, and that which impresses you so deeply, is actually within you; and that you see it as an external manifestation is due only to your spiritual vision. It can be compared to the seeing of regions in your dreams, which appeared to be outside you but actually were in you, and you looked at them with the eyes of your soul. But the difference here is that it is reality, whilst in dreams such pictures are usually only illusions of the soul. However, do not ask any more questions about all this, for you will understand it in due course.

42,7. The human beings of this world will not come any closer, for in your present state their beauty would, indeed, be unbearable for you. However, when you have become stronger, you will be able to see everything and enjoy it in blessed purity, which at this stage is impossible for you as you still lack the necessary strength.

42,8. Let us now proceed to the next door, where even more sublime sights are awaiting you. At this sixth door, however, you have to keep as silent as possible and just listen attentively to what I shall tell you. You must not ask Me why you have to be so quiet, nor shall you ask any questions if you cannot grasp a lot of what I shall tell you, for in due course it will all become clear to you. Let us now proceed to door number six. So be it!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-42 Chapter