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Chapter 66


66,1. (Asks the Minorite): "Where is your better light, brother? Whither will you lead us that we might behold it?"

66,2. (Bishop Martin): "Follow me to the center of this hall, where you will see a truly divine and artistic tellurian and astronomical mechanism. There we shall first have a close look at our earth and then go on to the other planets and, finally, the sun. You will be seeing many things that so far have been riddles to all of you. So, let us go!"

66,3. They all move to the designated spot, around which they form a close circle. Even the Ladies of the Sacred Heart follow the others furtively to see what is going on and what the better light, referred to by Bishop Martin, will be like.

66,4. (Bishop Martin notices them and says aloud): "Why are you clever ladies slinking behind like secret agents in the world? There must be no slinking here! If you want to turn to the better light together with us, your brothers and sisters, do it openly and gladly, as we do. Furtive slinking and spying is not tolerated here!"

66,5. (Hearing this, the Ladies of the Sacred Heart say): "Friend, do not be angry with us! You know that we are foolish and weak and may be misled, as probably you yourself were at the time you entered this world, not taking everything for granted that you were told. Therefore, we beg you to have patience with us. We did not complain when you called us names, and you cannot hold it against us too much if we stand up for our order. Dear friend, you have treated us most harshly, but we suffered it with very little grumbling. We do beg you now to forgive us and not be quite so harsh with us poor sinners."

66,6. (Bishop Martin): "Ah, this is a much better language than your French. Since you have adopted this attitude, you are now welcome to join us here and see for yourselves what is already here, and what is still going to happen."

66,7. Now the ladies come forward and are astonished at the sight of the great artistic mechanism. The Jesuits, standing around the earth globe, are most impressed, seeing how true to life this globe has been made and how not the least detail from the real earth is missing. The Minorites and Liguorists are quite as impressed by this globe, whilst the Franciscans are admiring the solar system and the brilliance of the sun which is illuminating all the planets. The Sisters of Charity and the Teaching Sisters are above all impressed by the sun. Everybody is admiring the mechanism and Bishop Martin is eagerly explaining all these celestial curiosities, occasionally making sarcastic remarks about appearances on earth.

66,8. After this large crowd has spent considerable time with the earth and planet-mechanism, listening to Bishop Martin's explanations, the hall suddenly becomes much brighter, and to the bishop it now appears much larger than before in the temperate light. The others have also noticed it and ask the bishop where the light has come from and what has caused the expansion of the hall.

66,9. (Bishop Martin): "My dear friends, brothers and sisters, there is nothing strange about this, for here everything keeps changing from its initial type and shape. When you arrived here, did you not notice how small the house looked from the outside, and how large it was inside? Surely that is miraculous, and so is this present manifestation which, incomprehensible as it is to us, is easy enough for the Lord to bring about.

66,10. I think it means that since you have all become somewhat more enlightened, the Lord is granting us more light. And as our concepts of Him have widened, the Lord has enlarged this safe dwelling so that it may provide ample space for all of us. In this miraculous world, such manifestations are not at all unusual. Here, the Lord's omnipotence, love, and wisdom direct everything depending on the maturity of our hearts.

66,11. But I now see a new, brilliantly shining writing on the round tablet. I have to go and look at what it says!" Bishop Martin goes to the tablet and reads: "Martin, come outside, for I have something important to settle with you. Meanwhile, let the party keep quiet. Come now! So be it!" Bishop Martin, happily gives the others instructions, with which they comply, and then he is ready to follow the call on the tablet.

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-66 Chapter