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Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-67 Chapter

Chapter 67


67,1. Walking through the door of his house, Bishop Martin notices that the garden has expanded considerably and is in a state of full bloom. This makes him very happy. But his bliss is greatly increased by the sight of the Lord's dwelling nearby, towards the east. However, when he looks in all directions, he cannot see anybody awaiting him. This puzzles him, but this time he does not get discouraged nor impatient, but goes into the garden to look for Me, thinking I might be hiding there so as not to be seen by the crowd through some window.

67,2. (Bishop Martin searches the garden, and when he cannot find Me, says to himself): "This looks to me like a little celestial teasing! But I don't mind; the main thing is that I do my duty. May the Lord Himself, or His deputy, do whatever He pleases, I don't care. Of course, I could go to His house, but then I have not been asked to do so, for the writing on the tablet said: 'Martin, come outside, for I have something important to settle with you.' Now I am outside, and have done my part. If the Lord has called me outside for nothing, that is not my business. I, at least, am here."

67,3. After these reflections, Bishop Martinstrolls about in the big garden until he notices at the far end a gardener planting a number of young trees. Getting closer to the gardener, he recognizes the bookseller, Borem, and says joyfully: " Brother, friend, I have felt deep remorse for having been so rude and unkind to you! Do forgive me and be forever my inseparable guide! For I now fully understand how much I have wronged you and especially how much I have sinned against the kindness of the Lord."

67,4. (Borem turns around and greets the bishop with these friendly words): "I greet you, my dear brother Martin! It has pleased the Lord very much that you have done good spontaneously. Therefore, the Lord sent me here to tidy up and enlarge your garden, just as you have put your heart in order and expanded it considerably in its love. If you go on working like this in the name of the Lord, you'll advance your spiritual rebirth at a rapid pace.

67,5. Since you desire it in your heart, I shall now stay with you and help you whenever it is necessary. You have in your house a great task ahead of you which is still going to give a lot of trouble. However, when the fight will have reached its climax, glorious victory will be near.

67,6. I have now finished with the planting of the young trees. So let us go to those who need our help. They have already been well cultivated by you, similar to this garden, but it will take quite a lot more work before the thousand young trees will be ready to produce fully rioened fruit.

67,7. Love and patience overcome all difficulties. Therefore, let us now go into the house and begin with our good work in the name of the Lord." Borem and Martin both enter the house.

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-67 Chapter