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Chapter 69


69,1. (Bishop Martin): "Now I am curious myself to know how and when this party of a thousand spirits will be tested. It is unlikely to happen inside this house; and in the open every one of them would have to be in a different place. We are only two of us, and I really cannot imagine how this thing can be handled. I would not consider it very difficult to distinguish in a flock of a hundred sheep the one lost sheep from the ninety-nine just ones; but here, there are a thousand so-to-say completely lost sheep and, therefore, it will mean following a thousand lost sheep. Listen, friend, this will be a most unusual task, quite incomprehensible to me as yet."

69,2. (Borem): "Friend and brother, do not ask too many questions. Many things that at this stage seem impossible to you, are possible to the Lord. None of these spirits will leave the house, yet still they will, within themselves, be transferred to different areas in all detail corresponding with their inner selves. And as we shall enter their particular sphere, they shall see us and be able to talk to us. As long as we are outside their sphere, they will be unable to see us, whilst we shall have them before us and, by watching the backs of their heads, we shall know what they are doing and how they are complying with the Lord's instructions and if they are walking in His paths.

69,3. Look, they are already in the spheres of their inner selves where they belong. They are standing in the same spot as before and appear to talk to each other, but they do not since they now can see neither each other nor us.

69,4. Now they are being arranged in file, which will make it easier for us to survey them. But they are not aware of it, just as someone who is sound asleep would not be aware of being carried with his bed to another room. They are already standing in file and we can see the back of the head of every one of them. Come here to this Minorite and see what he is doing."

69,5. Bishop Martin steps behind the Minorite and looks through the back of his head, like looking through a magnifying glass. He sees a crowd of Eves. However, the Minorite does not let himself be disconcerted by them, but only teaches them, while his eyes are fixed upon a bright star rising in the eternal east.

69,6. (Borem): "This one is already saved, and with him quite a crowd of others. But let us continue and see what the Jesuits are doing."

69,7. They both move behind the file of Jesuits and look at the backs of their heads. And what do they see? About thirty of them are fighting each other for a whole legion of harlots, lusting for thenflesh. The stronger ones grab the more voluptuous harlots, leaving the others to the weaker Jesuits. The latter are extremely annoyed about this and begin to withdraw to some distance, with the intention of organizing a revenge party to attack and cruelly punish their colleagues. And the weaker and less voluptuous harlots herd together against the others, intending to belabor and scratch them with their sharp nails.

69,8. Bishop Martin watches this scene without a word, astonished, but also secretly annoyed, and does not know what to say.

69,9. (Borem has noticed this too, and says to Martin): "Brother, what do you think of this sight?"

69,10. (Bishop Martin): "Oh, my dearest friend and brother, really, I would never have expected this of these hypocritical scoundrels. They are behaving worse than you would expect dogs or monkeys on earth to behave. If I had your power and wisdom, with what I am feeling at present, I would send a million flashes of lightning into this crowd.

69,11. Oh, you out-and-out scoundrels! Look, brother, there is also the rascal who was burnt to death between two stone slabs in China for treason. Look how he tortures the beautiful Chinese woman - how he tears the poor thing to pieces like a vulture! But this is awful! By God, we must not allow this!"

69,12. (Borem): "Friend, this is only the beginning. We must not interfere. The situation will soon be reversed. Look, the Chinese woman is escaping and will soon have help. Then she will take terrible revenge on the vengeful Jesuit. Look, she is standing and screaming in front of a grotto, and from it a large crowd of the most atrocious monsters is streaming. They are now spreading and surrounding the group of Jesuits on all sides. They are still unaware of what is in store for them. Now they are all encircled by the monsters. The Chinese woman, her skin torn to shreds, and with a scepter in her hand, approaches the crowd of Jesuits, who are still occupied with the naked harlots. Now watch this, and tell me what you see."

69,13. (Bishop Martin watches for a short while, then recoils and says, deeply stirred): "How terrible, oh, how terrible! The Chinese woman, in a red-hot fury, steps in front of our Jesuit and seems to say, 'Do you know me, you wretch?' The Jesuit looks angry and obstinate, and says, 'Yes, you wretch! My curse shall be with you for ever!' He orders his colleagues to again grab the woman and tear her to pieces. But at this moment, she shouts, 'Back with you, you cursed seducers of all the world! Your measure is full! Now my vengeance is upon you!' Following her words, I now see a whole legion of huge, atrocious monsters throw themselves on our Jesuits, and they are tearing them to small pieces! The Chinese woman is taking the head of our Jesuit, the one who had originally attacked her, and flings it into an abyss, from which a blaze is springing up. Now she flings the other remains of him after it. Ah, if that is not real hell, I could not imagine a worse picture to represent it! Shouldn't we, perhaps, intervene in this case?"

69,14. (Borem): "Oh no! The Lord will handle this Himself! We are much too weak, anyway! But, while they are still standing before us in rank and file, they are not lost for good. Only if some of them should vanish from this file, would it mean that we have nothing further to do with them. But one thing I can tell you: these are not far from hell. Everything you have just seen is taking place in the minds of these spirits, not in reality. However, if a mind has come to be like this, reality is not far off.

69,15. You have now seen what is in the hearts of these men. Thanks to the Lord, we can watch all this safely, figuratively, and dramatically. Now we know what these beings are like, and we shall see whether they heed all the warnings they have received and change their dispositions and their attitudes, following this demonstration infused into their minds as a sort of counter-vengeance by the Lord Himself.

69,16. Being torn to pieces by the monsters represents a great humiliation, which should bring them to their senses. Soon we shall see them once more as whole beings, and then we shall find out what impression this demonstration has made upon them.

69,17. Look, the whole Jesuit crowd is now climbing out of the abyss into which the Chinese woman had flung the one dismembered man!"

69,18. (Bishop Martin glances at the scene, and says): "True, they are all coming back in one piece again. I wonder what they will do now? Ah, their attitude seems to have improved. Maybe they can be saved after all; Some even appear to commence praying, judging from the expression on their faces. I would rejoice with all my heart if they would all change for the better! "

69,19. (Borem): "What seems impossible to humans, can be achieved by God. The first test has had more or less favorable results. Now others will follow and we shall then see how they will be passed. I can assure you that the next test will be much harder than the first. Watch now, the second act will be commencing immediately!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-69 Chapter