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Chapter 70


70,1. Bishop Martin starts watching again and notices a caravan of pilgrims approaching our Jesuits, carrying with it great treasures and riches.

70,2. The Jesuits, seeing this, stop the caravan and enquire about its destination and what it is carrying.

70,3. (The caravan): "We come from earth where we have plundered several monasteries, particularly the rich ones of the Jesuits, who are the greatest robbers and bandits in the world.

70,4. To rob people of their often hard-earned possessions through double-talk, bigotry, and hypocrisy, as well as false concepts of hell and damnation, is worse than open robbery and theft. Everyone has the right to defend himself against robbers and thieves, but only few are in a position to protect themselves from such Jesuitic or other monastic robberies.

70,5. Since all their property is illegal, it is only fair that we have plundered those monasteries. Now we are carrying our loot before the throne of God, where we shall cry for vengeance until the Lord grants our request and destroys this evil and deceitful breed with all its roots."

70,6. Hearing this, the Jesuits start to kindle with rage.

70,7. (Bishop Martin, who has witnessed all this, says to Borem): "Brother, it really looks bad now for our Jesuits, or at least for the thirty who were already present at the previous test. I notice also the others of this order, but they keep apart from the thirty, and their separate group looks much lighter."

70,8. (Borem): "Those others are as good as saved; only the thirty are still wavering. Watch now what will happen!"

70,9. (Bishop Martin watches silently for a while, then he says): "Ah, ah, brother, for the sake of God, we have to do something! They are perfect devils! I would never have thought this of that order!

70,10. Listen, in case you missed the reaction of the Jesuits: After the caravan had answered the questions of those Jesuits, the latter flew into a red-hot rage and cried:

70,11. 'You cursed deicides who have profaned the shrine of God! You have delivered yourselves into the hands of just vengeance, for we are those Jesuits whom you have robbed and against whom you intended to call down God's vengeance. No doubt God has placed us here so that we might hand you over to the terrible depths of hell for your sacrilege. Down to hell with you fiends, to where the most wicked devils are!

70,12. Come forth, Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan! Take hold of these infamous, heretic and, consequently, cursed fiendish evildoers, torture them and throw them where hell is hottest!'

70,13. This is really too much, brother, what these men want to do to that poor caravan! I cannot imagine such minds ever repenting!

70,14. Ah, look, three hideous figures are emerging from the depths. Their horrible, gaping mouths, large enough to swallow whole houses, are emitting fire.

70,15. At their sight, the caravan is seized by terrible fear. They are putting down the loot before the Jesuits, and are begging for mercy and forgiveness.

70,16. However, the Jesuits are showing no mercy, and they scream in ever-mounting rage: 'Down with you! There is no mercy for you, nor forgiveness ever! The most horrible torment in everburning futile remorse be your lot and your reward for your deeds in eternity! Grab them, you greatest and most evil devils, and requite them eternally for what they have done to us temporally!'

70,17. The caravan continues to beg for mercy, but in vain, and the three devils are approaching. The Jesuits are gloating over the frightened caravan. Ah, they are truly the most fiendish of devils!

70,18. The three devils are taking their time, pondering the terrible demand of the Jesuits. But those scoundrels have only one desire -to send their poor victims to hell without mercy or pardon.

70,19. Look, now the three devils are talking to them, saying that their verdict is too strict and unjust for small sinners like those.

70,20. However, the Jesuits shout: 'Our judgment is God's judgment and, therefore, just! So away with them - down to the torment!'

70,21. The devils shout back: 'You are asking too much! God has never passed judgment like that! We shall do as you desire, but mind you, at your own risk if your request does not come from God.'

70,22. Oh, brother, listen - with a terrible cry the unfortunate caravan is vanishing along with the devils! The Jesuits remain, triumphant! What do you say to this, brother? Aren't they perfect devils?"

70,23. (Borem): "Do not worry about all this, which is only, as already previously mentioned, an appearance manifesting itself, thanks to God's intervention.

70,24. The renunciation of evil can often be attained by the evil being ejected from the mind figuratively, showing its true nature. However, it is a sort of false alarm, not a reality.

70,25. Therefore, you should not take what you see here too much to heart. It is all brought forth thanks to the Lord's profound love and supreme wisdom, and may be compared to the various illnesses of men on earth.

70,26. Although an evil for the body, the illnesses are of great benefit to the soul, and sometimes even to the body if they cause some bad substance to be eliminated.

70,27. Thus, these manifestations are nothing but maladies the soul has brought here with it, and they must be expelled with the aid of spiritual medicines, just as the physical ones are expelled through material specifics. Otherwise, the soul could never regain its health, nor its spirit arise. 28Is it not a fact on earth that while the body is ill, the soul is also ailing and inactive? As soon as the body regains its health, the soul again takes pleasure in activity.

70,29. A similar process is taking place here. All these Jesuits have very sick souls. Through the power of the Word of God, which is the only and most powerful medicine, the sickness is being forced out of their souls. And when this operation has been successfully completed, it will then be our turn to strengthen the convalescents with the love of the Lord.

70,30. Now, dear brother, perhaps you understand these manifestations much better, and perhaps they will not shock you so deeply, even if you have to see worse things than these. With every disease, the last morbid matter ejected by the medicines is the worst, as it is the main pathogenic agent. The same applies here.

70,31. Therefore, do not worry too much at the sight of these basest evils that will now be emerging from the souls of the Jesuits. Watch now the third act commence, which will probably be the last one for these thirty Jesuits."

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