Beyond the Threshold

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Deathbed-Scenes - Beyond the Threshold

Hints of Jesus Christ about the Beyond, revealed to Jakob Lorber from July 27, 1847.

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Scene Description A/V
Introduction Deathbed-Scenes AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 1: A famous man AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 2: A scholar AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 3: A rich man AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 4: A dandy AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 5: A young lady of fashion AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 6: A general AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 7: A pope AUDIO/VIDEO
Scene 8: A minister Video on YOUTUBE
Scene 9:
Scene: Bishop Martin
Book: Book Bishop Martin
Video on YOUTUBE
Scene 10: The poor man Video on YOUTUBE (German)
Scene 11: Robert Blum
Reunion in the Great Beyond
A message from the Beyond