Blessed be the Name of the Lord

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June 16, 2006 From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

[God The Father] Blessed be the name of The Lord. Blessed are all those who receive of His blessings. Even more blessed are those who are blessed in The Blessing I had sent to them… For they are baptized in the Spirit of Truth and sprinkled with the blood of sprinkling, of which I have blessed all nations. Oh men, oh daughters, oh little children, how shall you bless the name of The Lord?

[Timothy] I am only a man. How can I bless The Lord? How can I bless Him, who blesses and is the blessing which I seek, and Christ Jesus, by whom we shall receive Your blessings… How can we bless the name above all names? I am lowly; my thoughts, human thoughts. Your thoughts are high above the heavens, beyond my understanding, Lord… How shall I bless Your name and prove my love for You?

[Jesus The Christ] Oh Timothy, you are greatly beloved, a true son of God by your belief and devotion to Me. What you seek is good and according to My Spirit in you. You seek to please Me, and so you have blessed the name of The Lord. Obey, and you bless His name. By example and all man’s works, worked in righteousness, is His name blessed. You are blessed, and in all you do have you blessed Him. And so The Father shall bless His children continually. Even the wicked does He bless. Does The Father not cause the warmth of the sun to rise upon the righteous and the wicked alike? Does He not also provide all the needs of the righteous and the wicked alike? Yea, the earth does bring forth a bounty, yet because of the hardness of men’s hearts are many left in severe lack and starvation. Yet does He still cause the rains to come in their season and the fish to fill the seas, for The Father does share of His creation freely… Even of life does He offer the wicked and righteous alike. Yet men horde the wealth given them and reject His gifts… Even the gift of life and redemption, which is in Me.

So then, all beloved of My heart, who do love My name and take much pleasure in My words, who follow Me wherever I lead them, bless the name of The Lord by your doings! Bless His name in the morning. Bless His name at noontime. Bless His name before you lie down to sleep. In prayer and in secret, bless His name. In speaking and in public, bless His name. By all you do, bless His name.

Little children, from the greatest of things to the smallest of your doings, shall you bless your Father in Heaven. Trumpeting His name to every corner of the earth is a great blessing indeed. Glorify His name in all the earth! Yet, give to the least of these a cool drink of water, in My name, and you have blessed God’s name in equal glory, though it be in quietness. Keeping the commandments and blessing the Sabbath Day is a very righteous blessing for Him, who has blessed you with His Law… In this are all blessed, even The Father and The Son, and your neighbor and yourself, even unto the stranger. Do all things as I have taught you, and follow Me, and you bless My name, which is the name The Father has given Me… His name. Kiss The Son, and you embrace The Father also.

Understand love… What you give, you shall receive. Give a blessing, and The Father shall impart unto you many blessings… Yea, a multitude of joy. Lo, a great treasure awaits all those, who bless the name of The Lord God Almighty, Maker of all things. And the blessing, in which He is most pleased, is in blessing the name of Him who He sent to you…

I AM YOUR BLESSING FROM HEAVEN! Accept what The Father has bestowed upon you… Love and mercy… Life, without end, has He given you in Me. Oh what riches, oh what wealth… Treasures beyond imagining, in the Kingdom of God’s joy, await you. Blessed is he who fears The Lord, and finds delight in His commands. Blessed be His name, forever and ever! Amen!