Blow the Trumpet, sound the Alarm, The Holy One of Israel comes

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The Lord says… Servants, blow the Trumpet!… Sound the Alarm & Make a Spectacle of yourselves!

April 28, 2010 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For The Lord’s Watchmen, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Thus says The Lord to His sons who remain, those who have not departed from Me, those who are faithful and hold fast to the line…

Behold, in the midst of you I have placed a measuring line; even amidst many stones of stumbling have I stretched it out, that you My servants may follow it, that you may go straight forward. And though you yet stumble, I have indeed stretched it out before you, lest you should fall and be unable to rise up again. For the weight of this revelation is indeed very heavy, and shall be met with much resistance.

Behold, even persecution and slander shall come forth to bar your way, many voices condemning you for your actions, many accusations brought forth falsely on account of My words; lo, it has come forth already, and shall continue and increase by measure. Yet do not at all be dismayed by this people, nor be taken aback by their words; do not listen to their slander. And when they draw close to abuse you in word or by deed, do not turn and run; for I shall be with you, and I shall dwell in you like a flame of fire…

Behold, I shall make you as a fortified city against them, with high and thick walls built with strong and tempered mortar, which no man can scale nor shall an enemy break through; for no weapon forged against Me shall by any means prosper. I am The Lord.

Thus again I speak to those who have not departed in thought or in action, to those whose hearts remain close to The Holy Covenant, whose minds are set upon the goal, whose thoughts grab hold of the vision, with countenances unchanged… Adamant stones who can not be moved from My purpose, rocks of offense set in the midst of this most rebellious generation… Servants who remain in My love, who long for justice to run down like water and for righteousness to flow like a mighty stream, for the zeal of The Lord of Hosts dwells within them… Sons of The Living God, sons after My own heart, says The Lord.

Therefore, My sons, hear the word of My mouth and so do; heed My command, and do not hesitate when the decree is sent down; go forth in My name and do not relent, nor be turned aside, for the mouth of The Living God has spoken!

Yet until your days be fulfilled, and the fullness of this time comes in, this is what I command you… Trumpet My fierce rebuke and make My indignation known, without ceasing! Yea trumpet My Words, declare My wrath in every corner of your reach, by all manner of speaking and devices! Speak My words aloud, and blow the trumpet against this nation and against the churches of men, for in them am I very displeased!… Yea, sound to the four corners, blow the trumpet in all the earth! Says The Lord God.

Yes, My watchmen, pick up the trumpet and turn toward the churches of men, and declare the word of My mouth, that the sound of My voice may humble them.

Yet if they will by no means be humbled upon hearing the word of The Lord, behold, at a day and at an hour they do not expect, I will come forth from My place and strip them naked and pour out all their riches upon the ground…

Lo, I will sift them and bring forth a remnant, even from the midst of them… And they shall be left all alone in bewilderment and tears, says The Lord God.

Therefore blow the trumpet, My sons! Trumpet loudly before their faces, for the time of The Lord’s rebuke has come, and the warning must be given! Go, hesitate not! Trumpet in all manner of speaking and devices, in their lots and in their faces! Go! Go and so do, according to how I, Myself, lead you! Declare it to them using the devices of men, and go also in person, two together or in a small company, and go! Go wheresoever you are welcome, even where you are hated!… BE BOLD AND GO!

Go forth and make enemies of all peoples and nations! Cause a great division, even within the churches of men! For I have not come forth to give them peace, that they may sit at ease in all their fornications, or to sit idly by as iniquity overtakes them; no, I have not come forth to make peace, but war, a great division in My members!

For this is the sword I bring, even to the slaying of every heart and the breaking up of every false foundation!… Behold, I am come forth to divide asunder and to cut in pieces, until all this enmity is torn down! Says The Lord.

NOW GO! And be to them as a loathsome sore which can not be cast off or healed, an offensive odor in the nostrils of all who hate Me!… YES GO! And make of yourselves a spectacle for My name’s sake, and stir them up! Says The Lord… Serve to them the truth absolute and My strong rebuke! Serve to them every word of My hot displeasure! And do not relent, but continue on, until a great outcry has come forth against you!

And when I call you to depart from one place, seek out another; leaving your blessing with those who have given heed, blessing them in My name, even all those who have shed tears of repentance and joy upon hearing the Word of The Lord. Yet turn away from those who hate Me, for you will know them by their anger and by the darkness of their faces, and by the words of their mouths; turn to them the back, and wipe off the dirt from the underside of your shoes as a testament against them, says The Lord.

Fear not, My sons, nor be dismayed by their looks, nor give heed to their words, nor hide from any stone cast in your direction… For I am with you!… I am your strength and your shield, a strong tower which can in no wise be broken down!… For I am The Lord!… Strong is The One who goes with you, steadfast is He who is coming quickly to deliver you, who goes before you, and remains always your rearguard!

Therefore hear Me now, all you arrogant churches; hear the word of My mouth, O awful generation; for thus declares The Lord God in a loud voice… THIS IS MY WORD. And behold, I have surely set before you MY prophets. They hear My voice, and My spirit increases rapidly within them; My voice grows ever louder… Behold, My presence shall be with them as a mighty terrible one, in the Day I send them! My spirit shall be fully established in them, like a fire which can not be quenched! Woe therefore to ALL who come against them! Says The Lord God; for behold, I am coming down!

Peoples of the earth, I am coming down to you, with My left arm outstretched to judge and to punish, and with My right arm bent to save and deliver! It is time! The day is far spent, the hour is coming to a close, and behold, the fury of The Lord comes forth to punish the nations and the judgments of The Most High shall rain down upon men!… Behold, the whole earth shall be shaken, and every man shall tremble in his place, with every countenance falling for fear! Indeed the heart of every man shall thunder in his chest, because of the terror of The Lord!

Look now and see, open your ears and hear, for though you are yet dull in hearing the vision shall surely speak; and though your eyes remain covered with purple and scarlet, it shall be made clear; and though it seems to tarry due to the darkness of your understanding, it will not tarry, it shall surely come… Behold, I am coming quickly!

Yes behold the Day, O foolish generation, and look! The Day of The Lord is here! Behold, it is at the door and is about to come in! Therefore repent, and call upon The Name!

Peoples of the earth, cry out, and call upon the name of Mercy! Call upon the only name under Heaven by which you must be saved!… My children, call out His name if you know it!

Call upon the name of pure righteousness, of majesty and saving grace! Yes, cry out to Him, saying… ‚Grace! Grace!‘ My people, speak His name aloud in repentance, offer up your tears, confess your sin!… Do it quickly, before the door is shut! Says The Lord.