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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-101 Chapter

Chapter 101. – Tullia meets Cyrenius. A miraculous discovery: Tullia, the cousin and childhood sweetheart of Cyrenius. Cyrenius is moved.

101,1. Thereupon Joseph went to the girl, who was still busy with the Infant, tugged at her sleeve and said to her:

101,2. "Listen, my dear daughter, have you then really not yet noticed who is here? – Just look up and see!"

101,3. At this point the girl awoke from her bliss and saw the radiant Cyrenius.

101,4. She was really frightened and asked very nervously: "O my dear father Joseph, who is this incredibly radiant man? – What does he want here? Where does he come from?"

101,5. And Joseph said to the girl: "O do not fear, my daughter Tullia! – Look, this is the extremely fine Cyrenius, a brother of the Emperor and Governor of Asia and a part of Africa!

101,6. Certainly this man will bring your affairs in Rome in good order; for at first glance you have already become very dear to him!

101,7. Just go over to him, ask him to hear you and bring your whole life story before him, and you can be assured that your words will not fall on deaf ears!"

101,8. ?And the girl said: "O my dear father! I do not dare to do this, for I know that such a gentleman probes with a terrible rigour on such occasions, and if he discovers any point that cannot be proven, then one is immediately threatened with death!

101,9. I already experienced once before in my state of destitution, that a gentleman such as he came to examine me, and asked me from where I came.

101,10. And when I told him everything faithfully, he asked me for irrefutable proof.

101,11. Since in my complete poverty as an orphan I was not able to provide such a proof, he then ordered me to strictly remain silent about this and threatened me with death if I would ever speak about it to anyone.

101,12. So I ask that you not betray me also, for I will surely be lost!"

101,13. Hereupon Cyrenius, who had heard this quiet discussion, walked up to Tullia and said to her:

101,14. "O Tullia! Do not be afraid of him who wants to do his utmost to make you as happy as possible!

101,15. Tell me nothing more than the name of your father, if you still remember it, for that is all I need.

101,16. But do not be afraid even if you have forgotten the name of your father; you will still be as precious to me being a daughter now of this my greatest friend!"

101,17. At this Tullia mustered more courage and said to Cyrenius: "In truth, if your gentle eye deceives me, then the whole world is a lie! So I will indeed tell you the name of my good father.

101,18. See, his name was Victor Aurelius Dexter Latii; – since you are a brother of the Emperor, this name cannot be unknown to you."

101,19. As Cyrenius heard this name he became visibly moved and said with a broken voice:

101,20. "O Tullia, that was a true brother of my mother! – Yes, yes, I know that he had a daughter with a lawful wife, one who was born blind and whom he loved more than anything!

101,21. O how often I envied him for his luck that was in fact bad luck! – But for him the blind Tullia was more precious than the whole world!

101,22. Yes, I myself fell in love with this Tullia although she was hardly four or five years old, and often I swore to myself that some day I would take her and only her as my lawful wife!

101,23. And – O God! – now I find this very same heavenly Tullia in the house of my heavenly, divine friend!

101,24. O God, O God! – this is too much of a reward at one time for a weak mortal, for the little that I, insignificant in front of You, have done O Lord!" – and now the weakened Cyrenius sank into a chair and only after a while regained his composure for a further discussion with Tullia.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-101 Chapter