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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-104 Chapter

Chapter 104. – Cyrenius' request for the Infant's blessing. The Infant's demand to Cyrenius to renounce Eudokia for Tullia's sake. Cyrenius' inner struggle. The Infant's strong will. Eudokia is brought to Joseph's house.

104,1. This noble speech of Tullia impressed Cyrenius greatly and he stepped towards Tullia, who was still holding the Infant in her arms, and deeply moved he said to the Infant:

104,2. "O You my Life, You the true God of my heart! Since You have already most graciously united me with this girl, I, a poor sinner, also ask You for Your blessing, to which I will remain faithful my whole life!"

104,3. Thereupon the Infant sat up and said: "Yes, My dear Cyrenius, I bless you with your wife Tullia!

104,4. But in return you have to give Me the woman, to whom you were married until now!

104,5. For if you do not do this, you would remain before Me in the sin of adultery; for you have loved this woman – and still love her very much!

104,6. But if you hand over this woman to me and completely give her up and sacrifice her to Me, then you will also have given your sin to Me.

104,7. For this I came into this world, that I may take all the sins of the people of the world upon Me, and redeem it through My love before Its divine countenance forever! – So be it!"

104,8. Initially Cyrenius was somewhat taken aback by this demand; for his wife was an exceedingly beautiful Greek slave, whom he had bought for a considerable amount of money.

104,9. He loved her very much for her great beauty, although he had no children by her.

104,10. Although this Greek woman was already thirty years old, she was still so beautiful that she was worshiped by the lesser pagans as a true Venus.

104,11. Therefore this demand was a bit hard for our good Cyrenius, and he preferred it not having been made at all.

104,12. The Infant however would not let off, and insisted strongly on His demand.

104,13. When Cyrenius realized that the Infant would not budge in the least, he said to the Infant:

104,2. "O You my Life! See, in my heart I have become very attached to my wife, the beautiful Eudokia, and I would miss her greatly!

104,15. Indeed, if it would be possible, I would rather leave Tullia to You than to give You the ever so beautiful Eudokia!"

104,16. The Infant, however, smiled at Cyrenius and said to him: "Do you think I am a trader of some sort?

104,17. O see, that I am surely not! – Or do you hold Me to be a being one can barter with over a stated word?

104,18. O I tell you, if you would say to Me: 'Let the whole visible sky and the visible earth vanish!', I would rather lend you my ears for that than take back one once spoken word!

104,19. Truly, I say to you: the sun, the moon and the stars and this earth will vanish, they will age like a dress and thus come to nothing; but My words never ever so!

104,20. You will therefore have Eudokia brought here immediately and only then will you receive Tullia, blessed by Me.

104,21. However, if you resist, I will let Eudokia die on you – and will never give you Tullia.

104,22. For what you do, you must do freely; any enforced action has no value before Me!

104,23. If Eudokia dies, then you are already judged with her death and can no longer become Tullia's husband.

104,24. If however you offer up Eudokia freely to Me, then you are indeed free and Tullia can be your lawful wife!

104,25. According to My order you cannot have two wives, for in the beginning only one man and one woman were created.

104,26. Therefore do what I have just told you, so that no judgment will come upon you!"

104,27. These words from the Child led Cyrenius to decide in an instant to have Eudokia brought from the city;

104,28. for he had taken her with him from Tyre, but did not allow anyone to see her, so that no one could become captivated by her great charm.

104,29. But even now he did not entrust her to anyone else than Joseph's eldest son and Maronius Pilla only.

104,30. These two went with Cyrenius' escort of bodyguards to his residence and soon brought the beautiful Eudokia to Joseph's house; but Eudokia was very surprised about all this and did not know how it came to be that for the first time, Cyrenius had sent some strange men to fetch her.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-104 Chapter