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Chapter 125. – The dangerous temple. The swarm of black flies. The temple collapses. The company under the fig tree.

125,1. As the summit of this mountain was cleansed of all vermin in this manner, Cyrenius spoke to his servants:

125,2. "Go inside the temple and sweep it, and put clean cloth upon the altar, and then place the provisions we have brought along upon this cloth!

125,3. We will then partake of a little refreshment in this beautiful scenic temple!"

125,4. Cyrenius' servants immediately went and did as ordered.

125,5. When everything was prepared, Cyrenius invited Joseph and Mary to follow him into the scenic temple to partake of a little refreshment.

125,6. Joseph spoke: "Brother, I tell you, let us hastily fetch everything from the temple, otherwise it will collapse even before you will have brought out your things!"

125,7. For look, this building is exceedingly old, weatherworn and crumbling and has once served the priests in acts of great vileness!

125,8. Thus it is now held together only by a few evil spirits.

125,9. If my wife and Child enter this crumbling building, then the evil spirits will flee, and the entire temple will collapse in smoking rubble over us!

125,10. Please follow my advice and you will fare well!"

125,11. Cyrenius was very surprised at this but nevertheless followed Joseph's advice instantly.

125,12. However, his servants had barely completed the task, and that too very hastily, as a great swarm of black flies were seen fleeing the temple amid a wild humming noise.

125,13. At this phenomenon, Joseph shouted at the servants: "Come out of the temple at once, otherwise you will be injured!"

125,14. Due to Joseph's shout, Cyrenius' servants rushed out of the temple as if they had been caught in a whirlwind.

125,15. When they were barely a few feet away from the temple, it collapsed with a tremendous crash.

125,16. This terrified everyone and they repeatedly threw up their hands above their heads; even the three lions ran away on this occasion, but they soon returned.

125,17. On all sides, people asked the reason for this event; but none of the gentiles – with the exception of Cyrenius – could give any information.

125,18. However, as the company had partially recovered from this fright, Cyrenius asked Joseph where he could have the refreshments laid out.

125,19. And Joseph indicated an open, green spot under a mountain fig tree full of blossoms and fruits.

125,20. And Cyrenius immediately sent his servants there, who cleaned the place, covered it with a pretty cloth and then placed upon it all sorts of refreshments that had been brought along.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-125 Chapter