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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-158 Chapter

Chapter 158. – The miraculous tending of Joseph's domestic animals by the angels. Joseph's zeal for observing the Sabbath. Gabriel's advice on the activity of nature on the Sabbath. The disappearance of the angels.

158,1. Upon arrival at the villa, Joseph immediately ordered the four eldest sons to go and check on the animals, tend to them and then quickly retire for the night.

158,2. And they hastily went and checked on the animals; however, they soon returned and said to Joseph:

158,3. "Father, it is marvellous! The cattle as well as the donkeys have been fed and watered, and yet their troughs are full, and the water buckets are full to the brim; how is that?"

158,4. And Joseph himself went to have a look and found the statement of the four sons to be true.

158,5. He then returned and asked the still present youths whether they had done this on a Sabbath.

158,6. And the youths answered in the affirmative; Joseph, however, spoke to the youths very seriously:

158,7. "How is it that you are the Lord's attendants and do not wish to observe the holy Sabbath?!"

158,8. Hereupon Gabriel spoke: "O you pure man, how can you put such a question to us?!

158,9. Has today not passed as any other day, has the sun not risen and set as on any other common day? Have the morning, afternoon and evening winds not blown also today?

158,10. As we stood by the sea, did you not see the same active motion of the waves? Why then did it not want to celebrate the Sabbath?

158,11. How have you then walked, eaten, drank and breathed today – and why did you not forbid your heart to beat?!

158,12. See, you Sabbath-fearing man, all that is and happens in the world, occurs solely through the energy conferred by the Lord to us, and is managed and governed by us!

158,13. So if we were to rest one whole day, say, would not the entire creation instantly perish?

158,14. See, we must therefore celebrate the Sabbath only by our activities in the Lord, but not through futile inactivity!

158,15. The true rest in the Lord therefore is in the true love in the heart for Him and in incessant activity accordingly, so that the eternal order may be preserved.

158,16. Everything else is an abomination of complete human foolishness before God.

158,17. Think about this carefully, and do not be afraid of performing good works on a Sabbath, and you will be wholly resemble the Lord, our Creator!"

158,18. After these words, all the youths fell down on their faces before the Infant and then instantly disappeared.

158,19. These words engraved themselves deep in Joseph's heart and henceforth he was not so anxious anymore during Sabbath.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-158 Chapter