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Chapter 180. – The happy disembarkation. Jonathan's delight. Cyrenius' gratitude. The shipwrecked persons at rest. The salvage of the run-aground ship. The shared breakfast. Jonathan's humility. The arrival of Joseph and his family.

180,1. Cyrenius asked the giant rescuer about the name of the region in which he now found himself, as well as the name of his rescuer.

180,2. And Jonathan replied: "Lord! You must be a stranger, as this region, which has so many characteristic features, is unfamiliar to you?"

180,3. And Cyrenius spoke: "Friend! One region is often similar to another, and in the twilight of the moon, one often does not recognize one's own homeland!

180,4. It is particularly difficult to recognize the regions, when one has just experienced mortal fear!

180,5. Hence you must reveal to me the name of this region, to which the terrible storm has brought me!"

180,6. And Jonathan said: "Dear Lord! As you well know, there is a rule not to tell a rescued man where he is.

180,7. For – if he is far away from the place of his destination, he will be too sad to discover this, immediately after surviving a dangerous situation;

180,8. however, if an accidental change in direction of the storm casts him near the place of his destination, then the joy he would feel just after this experience of mortal fear could cost him his life!

180,9. That is why the rescuer should keep silent at the beginning and reveal whatever the rescued person asks only after some time!"

180,10. As Cyrenius received such a response from the yet unknown rescuer, he spoke:

180,11. "Indeed, you are a noble rescuer and moreover, have the right wisdom; so steer away, that we may soon reach land!"

180,12. And Jonathan spoke: "See, we are already in the bay, which ends in a narrow inlet.

180,13. If we were now on a firm and tranquil spot, we would be able to see my fishing hut!

180,14. We will be on dry land within fifteen minutes; for the wind is very favourable now."

180,15. Cyrenius was satisfied with this reply, and Jonathan sailed straight across the bay and reached the desired shore within a few minutes.

180,16. When the boat was safely anchored on the shore, everyone promptly went ashore, and Cyrenius thanked the God of Israel that He had rescued him, together with all his dear ones.

180,17. When Jonathan heard Cyrenius, whom he did not know at this time, praising the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he spoke:

180,18. "My friend! Now I am doubly happy that I have rescued you, an Israelite; for I too am a son of Abraham!"

180,19. And Cyrenius spoke: "I am not exactly an Israelite, but actually a Roman; nevertheless, I know the holiness of your God and therefore acknowledge only Him!"

180,20. And Jonathan spoke: "That is even better! We will talk more about this tomorrow; but for now, go and rest!

180,21. See, my huts are spacious and clean! I also have a large quantity of straw, so make yourselves a bed; I, however, will immediately return to see whether your ship can ever again be set afloat!"

180,22. Cyrenius said: "Friend, there will be time for this also tomorrow!"

180,23. But Jonathan said: "Tomorrow is the Sabbath; that means that we have to suspend all menial work! That is why everything has to be settled before sunrise!"

180,24. Thereupon Jonathan and his helpers again boarded the boat and now that the wind had abated a little, sailed out all the more quickly toward Cyrenius' ship, and had little trouble in setting it afloat, as the sea's high tide assisted by the full moon stood him in good stead.

180,25. He immediately took the tow line, fastened it to the boat and, in great joy, rowed into the rather deep bay and so brought the large ship to its safe harbour and got it secured to the shore with a very long rope, as it could not be anchored.

180,26. After a good two hours of work, Jonathan went home almost in morning light, lay down on his bed and he and his assistants rested for three hours.

180,27. Even Cyrenius and his entourage rested and slept till late morning.

180,28. When Jonathan awoke well refreshed, he praised God in Joseph's Child and recalled the Child's words to him.

180,29. Then he right away ordered the women to slaughter the best tuna – around thirty in number – and to roast them for the many guests, and he himself, together with his assistants, helped the women in this work.

180,30. When breakfast was ready in one hour, Jonathan himself went into the huts and woke up his rescued guests.

180,31. Cyrenius was the first to be awake and found himself greatly refreshed and cheerful and immediately asked Jonathan whether he had reached the ship?

180,32. And Jonathan spoke: "Get up and look out of the window!"

180,33. And Cyrenius instantly got up, looked out and saw his great ship in good condition in the harbour.

180,34. At this, he was overjoyed, indeed moved to excessive gratitude towards his giant rescuer Jonathan, and said:

180,35. "O friend! Such a deed cannot be rewarded in the usual way; indeed, this deed can only be rewarded in a manner worthy of an emperor!"

180,36. Jonathan said: "Friend, be that as it may; but come now to have breakfast with your entourage!"

180,37. And Cyrenius spoke, in great astonishment: "What, do you want to feed us also? – O you noble man! – After I first find out from you where I am, and who you are, then you shall find out who I am, and you shall receive a large reward!"

180,38. Then all got up and followed Jonathan into the large hut, where breakfast awaited the company, and all ate the well-prepared fish with great enjoyment and praised Jonathan beyond all measure.

180,39. He, however, said: "O do not praise me; for it is another – and not I – who deserves the real credit!

180,40. I was only a crude instrument of the One who sent me as a representative and who announced that I would perform an important service during the night.

180,41. And so it was indeed; I found you in great distress and was your rescuer, and that was the will of the Almighty!

180,42. I have fulfilled this holy will, and the realization that I have fulfilled God's will out of love for Him, is my great reward, – if you were the emperor himself, you could not haven given me a greater reward!

180,43. I therefore request you not to think of any additional reward for me.

180,44. Just bring your beautiful and large ship in order once again; and when I learn the place of your destination from you, I will give you help and advice!"

180,45. Here Cyrenius said: "Friend! You will hear about it at once!

180,46. See, my place of destination this time is Ostracine in Egypt; for I am the governor and a brother of the emperor - my name is Cyrenius Quirinus!"

180,47. At these words, Jonathan knelt down and begged for mercy if he had been, for instance, a little presumptuous.

180,48. But just as Cyrenius wanted to raise up Jonathan, Joseph came with all his household members to visit Jonathan, because Jonathan had been so long in keeping his promise to visit Joseph's house.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-180 Chapter