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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-184 Chapter

Chapter 184. – The refreshing get-together in the shady arbour of the hill. Joseph's wise interpretation of Cyrenius' sea voyage. How the Lord leads His people.

184,1. When Cyrenius' entire entourage, with the exception of the Jonathan's servants, was in or near Joseph's villa, Joseph promptly ordered his sons to prepare a good midday meal.

184,2. And for this purpose, Jonathan handed over a good load of the finest tuna that he had brought along.

184,3. After this, Joseph, with Cyrenius' main entourage, and naturally with Cyrenius himself, as well as with Mary, Jonathan and the infant, who Cyrenius still carried in his arms, went up his favourite hill.

184,4. And Eudokia and Tullia, as well as the eight children, did not remain at home, but also followed the company on the spacious hill.

184,5. On arrival, all sat down on the benches that Joseph had made, and refreshed themselves under the fragrant shade of rose, myrtle and papyrus trees.

184,6. For the hill had two sections: one of them densely wooded, and meant for the daytime;

184,7. the other section, however, was bare and was meant only for the evening and night time, when it was possible to enjoy the fresh air and an unhindered view of the area, as well as the sky.

184,8. After everyone had taken their places under the splendid arbour of the hill, Cyrenius asked Joseph if he would now like to give him the promised clarification on his sea voyage.

184,9. And Joseph responded and said: "Yes, brother, this is the place and the time for it, so listen to me!

184,10. See, the east wind represents the mercy of God; this wind tempestuously propelled you towards Him whom you now have in your arms! –

184,11. There are ever so many who do not know and recognize the Lord's grace, nor when and how it acts.

184,12. So you too did not recognize what the Lord's almighty grace intended for you!

184,13. You thought you were lost and assumed that the Lord had totally forgotten about you;

184,14. and look, it was only when you were stranded on the sandbank by the mightiest grace of the Lord, and believed yourself to be lost, that the Lord powerfully seized you and rescued you from sinking!

184,15. This has been and will always be the Lord's way at all times, by which He will lead those who have been, and will be, on their journey towards Him!

184,16. But why did the Lord lead you in this way? – See, when it became known in Tyre that you wanted to travel to this place by ship, mercenaries got together,

184,17. assembled vessels and planned a murderous attack on you on the high seas!

184,18. So the Lord sent a sudden and powerful east wind;

184,19. this quickly pushed your ship away from the enemies, so that they could not reach you.

184,20. But as your enemies still did not lose sight of you, but instead pursued you all the more ruthlessly, the Lord's grace came upon you in the form of a hurricane.

184,21. This hurricane drowned your enemies in the sea and put your ship in the right place in calm waters, where you were fully rescued. – Cyrenius! – Do you now understand your sea voyage?" –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-184 Chapter