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Chapter 195. – The Infant Jesus' dialogue with the obstinate girl.

195,1. After a while, the girl came back, and the Infant immediately asked her if she wanted to participate in the game again.

195,2. But the girl said: "I want to watch, but not play; for I get angry very fast, and then you are immediately severe!

195,3. And so I do not want to play; for I am terribly afraid of You, because you can instantly create mice and rats!"

195,4. The Infant said: "Yes, but then why are you so foolish and get angry over things with which you have nothing to lose, whatever the outcome?

195,5. Be content with what your lot brings you in life, and henceforth you will have no mice and rats coming over you!

195,6. Just look at Me! I always toss last, and I do not grumble, although I deserve precedence!

195,7. Why then do you grumble, for as a girl, you should be patience personified?"

195,8. And the girl spoke: "What can I do about it? Why do I have such a disposition? I have not given it to myself; I am as I am, and so cannot be different!

195,9. And because I know how I am, I do not want to play with you, so that I do not get angry again, and thereby be punished by You with mice!"

195,10. The Infant turned away and spoke as if to Himself: "See, the children of the world revolt against You, and find fault with Your work, because they do not know You!

195,11. But – one toss and yet another toss, and the children of the world will think differently about You!" – –

195,12. Hereupon the Infant turned around again and spoke with the girl: "Whom do you blame for your being so ill-tempered and dissatisfied with your lot?"

195,13. The girl said: "Really! – When you, my dear Jesus, start asking questions, there is no end to it,

195,14. and you thereby become a terribly annoying Child!

195,15. Why should I know who is to blame for me being as I am? – You Yourself are a little prophet and a Child Prodigy, who can talk with God!

195,16. Ask Him, if this is possible, and He will be best able to say why I am like this!"

195,17. Here the Infant went closer to the girl and spoke: "You girl! If you knew Me, you would speak differently;

195,18. however, as you do not know Me, you speak with a sharp tongue!

195,19. Just look up towards the sun! – What do you think it is and who do you think gave it its radiance?"

195,20. The girl, however, spoke most impatiently: "Why do you have to pick especially on me, and torment me so much with Your questions!

195,21. Look, there are several others there who you leave in peace; go also to them, and pester them with your endless questions!"

195,22. And the Infant spoke: "O girl! See, they are healthy and do not need medicine; you, however, are sick in spirit, so I would like to help you, if you were not so stubborn!

195,23. But as you are so very stubborn, it will be difficult to help you!

195,24. However, take note: if an angel of heaven would be given the grace to be questioned by Me, as you have been, he would burn with so much bliss that the fire of his love would instantly destroy the entire earth!

195,25. Go away from Me now; I do not like you anymore, because you are so stubborn!" – Here the girl departed and secretly wept; Jesus, however, continued to direct His playmates as King.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-195 Chapter