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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-204 Chapter

Chapter 204. – Mary's question about love to the Infant. The difference between the love of man and the love of God. "My anger in itself represents more love than your deepest love!" The parable of the king as suitor, referring to Tullia and the Infant Jesus.

204,1. After Mary hugged the Infant for a while, she asked Him very timorously:

204,2. "My Jesus, will You again love me, Your servant, just as Your servant will eternally love You?"

204,3. And the Infant smiled very tenderly at Mary and spoke:

204,4. "What a feeble question you pose to Me!

204,5. If I did not love you more than you love Me, well – truly, truly! – Would you even exist?

204,6. See, even if you love Me with the warmth of all the suns, such a love would be nothing compared to My love, with which I love the most wicked men even in My anger!

204,7. And My anger in itself is more love than your deepest love!

204,8. What is then My true love that I have for you?!

204,9. How could I have chosen you to be My birth mother, if I did not love you – more than can be grasped in all eternity?!

204,10. See, how feeble your question is! I tell you: Now go and bring Tullia;

204,11. for I have important things to discuss with her!"

204,12. Here Mary at once obeyed and went to fetch Cyrenius' wife.

204,13. As Tullia very timidly entered into the small room in which the Infant lay, the Infant raised Himself and spoke to Tullia:

204,14. "Tullia, you who are awakened, listen! – Once there was a great king who was unmarried and full of male beauty and true divine wisdom.

204,15. This king said to himself: 'I will go and look for a wife in a foreign place where nobody knows me;

204,16. for I want a wife who wants me for myself, and the wife should love me because I am a wise man – and not because I am a great king!'

204,17. And so he left his kingdom and went to a distant, strange land and came to a city, where he quickly got acquainted with the residents of one house.

204,18. The daughter was chosen, and this made her very happy; for she soon recognized great wisdom in the suitor.

204,19. The king thought to himself: 'You love me now, just because you see me and my personality and wisdom captivate you;

204,20. But I want to see if you truly love me! Therefore I will disguise myself as a beggar and will pester you often.

204,21. But you shall not know or find out in any way that it is me in a beggar's disguise.

204,22. The beggar shall carry a testimonial from me, as if he were my close friend, although as destitute in this foreign place as his friend.

204,23. And this will show me whether this daughter truly loves me!'

204,24. And the plan was executed just as the great king had worked it out.

204,25. After a while, when the king was supposed to be away on a journey, the beggar came to the daughter and spoke to her:

204,26. 'Dear daughter of this rich home, see, I am very poor and know that you possess great wealth!

204,27. I sat at the gate as your splendid bridegroom left you to go on a journey, and asked him for charity.

204,28. He stopped and spoke: 'Friend! I do not have anything here that I could give you besides this keepsake from my betrothed, who is very wealthy!

204,29. Go to her soon, and show her this in my name, and she will surely give you, just as she would give me, what you need!

204,30. And when I return as early as possible, I will recompense her for everything a thousandfold!'

204,31. As the daughter heard this, she was full of joy and gave something to the beggar.

204,32. The beggar went but returned in a few days and announced himself to the daughter.

204,33. The daughter asked him to come another time, as she had visitors at that time.

204,34. The beggar came again another time and announced himself.

204,35. He was then told: 'The daughter has gone out with some friends!' – And the beggar returned in sadness.

204,36. As he came to the house door, the daughter, who was amongst her friends, met him but hardly paid attention to him.

204,37. He then said: 'Dear bride of my friend, how much do you love him that you do not listen to his friend?'

204,38. The daughter said: 'I need diversion; when your friend comes, I will surely love him again!'

204,39. Thereupon the beggar came again on the following day to the daughter and found her very cheerful; for she had rather lively company.

204,40. And the beggar asked her: 'Do you really love your bridegroom – and are you so happy, when he has gone for business for your sake?'

204,41. Hereupon the daughter threw the beggar out and spoke: 'That would be asking too much! – Is it not enough that I love him when he is here? Why should I love him when he is absent? – Who knows if he loves me!?'

204,42. At this, the beggar threw away his torn outer garment and spoke to the astonished daughter:

204,43. 'See, he who was supposed to be on a journey, was here all the time, so that he could learn about your love!

204,44. You, however, hardly thought about him, and he, who showed you the token of your vow, was rejected and derided, because you preferred the company of the world.

204,45. But see, that person is the same as the one who now stands before you, and who is the great king to whom the entire world belongs!

204,46. And this one now gives everything that you gave him, back to you a thousandfold; however, I will turn my back on you forever and you will never see my face again!'

204,47. Tullia! – Do you know this king and this beggar? – See, I am He, and you are the daughter! – You will be happy in the world;

204,48. but what comes hereafter, is told in this parable!

204,49. I gave you life and great happiness, and you did not remember Me!

204,50. O you born-blind Roman! – I gave you light, and you did not recognize Me!

204,51. I gave you a man from heaven, and you wanted the affection he has for Me for yourself.

204,52. You were dead thereat; I brought you back to life, and in return you accepted the homage of the world and ignored me!

204,53. And now when I have called you, you tremble before me like an adulteress.

204,54. Tell me! What shall I do with you?

204,55. Should I continue to beg at your door?

204,56. No! – I will not do that; however, I will give you your share, and then we will be quits!" –

204,57. These words filled all in Joseph's house with dread.

204,58. The Infant, however, wanted to go outside with no one but His James and did not return before late evening.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-204 Chapter