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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-208 Chapter

Chapter 208. – The terror of the nocturnal hurricane. The wild animals. Joseph's curse over the storm. The Infant's reprimand. The end of the storm.

208,1. After two hours, when all were asleep, the house was hit by such a powerful hurricane that it shook.

208,2. All who were asleep were awakened by this resounding blast.

208,3. And as the hurricane continued to rage and was accompanied by a thousand bolts of lightning and powerful thunder,

208,4. everyone in Joseph's house began to tremble and quiver.

208,5. The hurricane's rage was accompanied by the howling of a large number of wild and ferocious animals, which further heightened the fear of the guests in Joseph's house.

208,6. Everyone now began to enter the chamber of Joseph, Cyrenius and Jonathan, to seek protection there.

208,7. Joseph, however, got up and illuminated the room and, as best as he could, comforted those who were fearful.

208,8. The giant Jonathan and Cyrenius did likewise.

208,9. But as the storm continued to gain in strength, the comforting efforts of the three men did not help much; in particular, most of the inmates were mortally afraid when some tigers began to thrust their paws through the barred windows, while howling eerily.

208,10. As all this began to be too much even for Joseph, he became agitated and addressed the storm:

208,11. "Fall silent, you monster, in the name of Him, who lives here, a Lord of infinity,

208,12. and never terrify those who need peace and quiet at night! – So be it!"

208,13. Joseph uttered these words with such force that all were even more terrified by this than by the raging of the hurricane.

208,14. However, Joseph's words were totally ineffectual, which agitated him even more and he threatened the storm still more severely.

208,15. But even this remained unsuccessful, and the hurricane mocked Joseph.

208,16. Here Joseph became angry at the insubordinate hurricane and he cursed it.

208,17. At this moment the Infant awoke and said to James, who was near the cot:

208,18. "James, go to Joseph and tell him to revoke his curse; for he has cursed that what he does not know!

208,19. However, he will see and recognize the reason for this storm tomorrow; in any case, it will be over in a few minutes."

208,20. Hereupon James at once went to Joseph and conveyed the Infant's words to him.

208,21. Then Joseph plucked up courage, did as James had advised him, and the storm soon ceased; the wild beasts disappeared, and all in Joseph's house went back to sleep. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-208 Chapter