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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-212 Chapter

Chapter 212. – The punishment for James and the Infant to fast because of forgetting to say grace. The Infant's question to Joseph, as to why and to whom He should pray. The Child Jesus hurries out with His James and does not let Himself be held back.

212,1. Thereupon Joseph began his usual grace and blessed the food –

212,2. and then asked the Infant, whether He had already prayed.

212,3. The Infant smiled again and said to James:

212,4. "Well, we are in trouble now! We both have forgotten the prayers of invocation and thanksgiving and have nevertheless partaken of the fish!

212,5. Now say something, to the best of your ability, otherwise we are in for another punishment and may have to go on a little fast!"

212,6. And James, somewhat embarrassed, said: "Dear father Joseph, I ask for your forgiveness; for this time I, together with my Jesus, really forgot to pray!"

212,7. As Joseph heard this from James, he looked stern and said:

212,8. "If you have forgotten to pray, then you can also forget to eat until this evening, and in the meantime, you can go for a little stroll outside!"

212,9. And the Infant smiled to James here and spoke: "Now we really have it! Did I not tell you just now that we will have to fast?!

212,10. But just wait a little; I want to first say a few words to Joseph!

212,11. Perhaps he may relent a bit with regard to the fast until evening."

212,12. And James spoke in private: "Lord! Do whatever appears best to You, and I will follow Your example."

212,13. And the Infant asked Joseph, saying: "Joseph! Are you really serious about this?!"

212,14. And Joseph spoke: "Yes – of course; for whoever does not pray shall not eat either!"

212,15. And the Infant smiled once again and said: "Now, this is what I call strict!

212,16. Look, if I were as strict, as you are now, then a great many who are eating today but did not pray would have to fast as a penance!

212,17. I want to hear once more from you, why and to whom I am supposed to pray?!

212,18. And then I want to also hear from you as to whom you actually pray in your prayers and to whom poor James was supposed to pray? –!"

212,19. And Joseph said: "You must pray to the Lord God, Your holy father, because He is holy, most holy!"

212,20. And the Infant spoke: "You are undoubtedly right;

212,21. however, what is decisive in this matter is that you do not know the Most Holy Father to whom you pray!

212,22. And you will not recognize this Father, because your old habitual blindness prevents you from recognizing Him!"

212,23. Thereupon the Infant spoke to James: "Let us go outside, and you will see that one can get something to eat outside even without prayer!"

212,24. Then the Infant went out with His James and did not allow Himself to be held back.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-212 Chapter