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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-230 Chapter

Chapter 230. – Continuation of the childly table scene. Mary is strict with Me only out of her great love for Me!

230,1. After the Infant was dressed, He again asked Cyrenius for another good piece of fish.

230,2. The Infant spoke in His way: "I certainly want a small piece;

230,3. but I do not dare to take it, because I do not want another scolding from mother!"

230,4. And Cyrenius spoke: "O my infinitely dearest Child! If I offer it to You, then the mother will not say anything!"

230,5. The Infant spoke naively to Cyrenius: "Yes, as long as you are there, she will certainly not say anything;

230,6. but when you are gone, I will get it twofold.

230,7. O you cannot believe how cross My mother can be when I do things against her will!"

230,8. Cyrenius smiled at this and then said to the Infant: "What would You say if I scolded Your strict mother for that; would she then not become more lenient towards You?"

230,9. And the Infant spoke: "I request you not to do such thing; for when you would be gone, I would a get a scolding that would be hard to match!"

230,10. Here Cyrenius asked the Infant further and spoke:

230,11. "O You my life, You my most heavenly Child! – If Your mother is that strict, how can you then still love her so greatly?"

230,12. And the Infant replied: "Because she is strict out of great love for Me; for she is constantly afraid that something bad could happen to Me.

230,13. And see, that is why I love her so much! Even if she is sometimes strict without reason, she still means well, and therefore surely deserves My love!

230,14. See, she would be strict with Me if I ate another piece of fish, because she believes it could be harmful to Me.

230,15. It would certainly not harm Me; however, I Myself do not want to sin against the good intentions of My mother.

230,16. Oh – I can also deny Myself and can adhere to My mother's rules, if it is necessary;

230,17. but when it is not necessary, then I can also do what I want.

230,18. And then it does not bother Me, when My mother scolds Me a little.

230,19. However, it is not absolutely necessary for Me to have another piece of fish; therefore I will deny Myself, so that mother will be unable to get at Me, when you are gone."

230,20. Here Cyrenius again asked the Infant and said with all possible love:

230,21. "Yes, You my Life! – If You have this much respect for Your earthly mother, then why did You not allow her to dress You?

230,22. Will she not scold You for this, when I am gone?"

230,23. And the Infant spoke: "Certainly; but I will not bother about it too much!

230,24. For, as I told you earlier, sometimes I do whatever I want, and do not ask whether My mother considers it right or not.

230,25. However, My mother can still scold Me for that, for besides, she has a good opinion and good intentions."

230,26. Here Mary smiled and jokingly said: "Well, You just wait until we are alone,

230,27. and I will give You a proper scolding for accusing me in this manner to Cyrenius!"

230,28. And the Infant smiled and said: "Oh – you do not really mean it! I easily notice when you are really angry, – for your face gets quite red; however, now you are as white as Me, and then you are never angry."

230,29. Everyone laughed at this remark, and the Infant also smiled. Mary fervently held the Infant and hugged Him beyond all measure.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-230 Chapter