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Chapter 238. – Analogical meaning of the meal. The phases of spiritual states on earth: 1. General. 2. Judaism. 3. The Greek Church. 4. The Roman Church. 5. The Christian sects.

238,1. When the well-prepared fish was brought to Joseph's table and after all had had their fill

238,2. and the meal was over, Joseph asked James if he could give the perhaps prophetic reason for the at first scanty, and eventually delicious meal?

238,3. And James spoke with the greatest humility and modesty:

238,4. "O yes, dear father Joseph, insofar as the Lord grants it to me, I will reveal the significance of this meal.

238,5. And so I request you to listen to me carefully!"

238,6. All now directed their attention towards James, and he began to speak as follows:

238,7. "The meagre and poor meal signifies that future time, in which the Lord's word will be distorted.

238,8. At that time, His servants will keep the best part for themselves and will give the leftovers to their congregations, just as the gentiles feed their pigs.

238,9. The Jews will be like the roasted sea onion;

238,10. for although it is a root that grows rampantly in the ocean of the divine grace and will be fully roasted in the fire of the divine love,

238,11. it is nevertheless poor food and will be at the Lord's table as a most inferior dish, and no one will reach for it! –

238,12. The Greeks will be like this inane milk mush; these will preserve the purity of the Lord's word more than anyone else!

238,13. However, as they will lead only an outer life but not an inner life according to the Lord's word, they will be as indifferent and inane as this milk mush, which may carry the best lifeblood within itself, but cuts a poor figure on the Lord's table because it is cold and not properly cooked! –

238,14. For it does not have a pleasant smell and moreover, being raw, does not have a pleasant taste for the Lord's palate.

238,15. The melon is Rome. This fruit grows on a creeper whose stalk turns to all directions,

238,16. on which many empty blossoms emerge; but only a few of them become fruits.

238,17. And when the fruit is there and has ripened, it has a rather strong aroma, –

238,18. but when it is cut and you eat the inner flesh, you will notice that the taste is greatly inferior to the smell.

238,19. If you add unflavoured honey to it and eat the fruit, it can make you feel nauseous,

238,20. indeed you can easily eat yourself to death on such a fruit!

238,21. This is how Rome will be for a fairly long time, and many will eat themselves to death on this food! – And this fruit will also be on the Lord's table as an inferior dish and will not be touched by Him! –

238,22. We still have butter, bread and some honey and several poor fish here.

238,23. These foods are naturally a little better and are set apart from the others and still have a favourable reputation;

238,24. but they have no warmth in them, and are not spiced by the fire, the main ingredient, hence they are also here on the Lord's table and are not praised.

238,25. Although the fish were on the fire, they were too lean, so they dried up like straw, and the Lord cannot eat them either.

238,26. These foods represent certain sects, which will separate themselves from the former and will keep faith;

238,27. but one will feel no or very little love for them, and therefore they too are disagreeable to the Lord! – –

238,28. That is briefly the significance of this meal. I have revealed all I received; and since I received no more I shall say no more." – This explanation caused a sensation, but no one understood it.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-238 Chapter