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Chapter 239. – The last good fish signifies the Lord's love and His great mercy of late. The sun's inhabitants are also destined to be the children of God. A flock under the One good Shepherd.

239,1. Thereupon Joseph said to James: "You have spoken in the fullest sense about great and wise things in the Name of the Lord, although I, as all the rest of us, am unable to understand what you said.

239,2. As I nevertheless recognize the wisdom of God in you,

239,3. and as we all got a wonderful and extremely delicious and well-prepared fish on our table in the end,

239,4. I want to discuss with you what this fine and good fish finally signifies.

239,5. Surely the Lord will also reveal to you what is good,

239,6. as He has just revealed to you, what is and will be bad for the world!"

239,7. Thereupon James spoke: "Dear father Joseph, that does not depend on me, but only on the Lord!

239,8. I am just a weak tool of the Lord and can only speak when the Lord loosens my tongue.

239,9. Therefore do not ask from me what I do not have and thus cannot give you,

239,10. but turn to the Lord in this matter; when He gives it to me, you will instantly and perfectly receive it as He gives it!"

239,11. Here Joseph promptly and secretly turned to the Infant and said:

239,12. "My Jesus, let me also be told the significance of the good fish!"

239,13. The Infant, however, spoke: "Joseph, you can see that I am not fully finished with My fish; so wait a little!

239,14. Cyrenius also needs time to finish his meal; hence we have another half an hour,

239,15. and in this time a lot can be agreed upon, advised and concluded."

239,16. Then the Infant turned to James and spoke to him:

239,17. "James, while I eat My piece of fish, you can say whatever comes through your mouth."

239,18. Hereupon the Infant ate His fish, and James began to speak:

239,19. "This last good fish signifies the Lord's love and His great mercy with which He will bless mankind at the time when all the world will stand on the abyss of eternal death.

239,20. But beforehand, the cooks will have to withstand a strong judgment!

239,21. Only after this judgment will the time come as foretold by the prophet Isaiah.

239,22. And this time will then remain on earth and will not be taken away from it in the future; and then the earth will merge with the sun,

239,23. and its inhabitants will reside in the great and bright realms of the sun and will shine like the sun.

239,24. And the Lord will be the sole Lord, and He Himself will be the shepherd, and all the shining inhabitants will be a herd!

239,25. And thus this earth will exist forever, and its inhabitants will exist forever, and the Lord will be forever among them – an eternal Father to His children!

239,26. Then there will be no more death; whoever lives there will live forever, and will never face death, Amen!" –

239,27. Here James again fell silent. The entire company was struck dumb with amazement at the profound wisdom of James, – whereupon the Infant finally spoke: "And I have also finished eating My fish; hence even to that Amen." –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-239 Chapter