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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-281 Chapter

Chapter 281. – The onrush of those, curious about the miracle. The pampered and quarrelsome neighbour's son is punished by Jesus. The chief justice comes to judge Joseph, is threatened by the Child, and suddenly turns back.

281,1. On this occasion, several Jews came to the place where this miracle had taken place,

281,2. and they inquisitively asked Joseph what had happened here.

281,3. Even the neighbouring parents of a certain very quarrelsome boy, who, as the only child, was extremely spoilt by his parents, had come over.

281,4. The Child Jesus had often rebuked this seven-year-old boy for his contentiousness, –

281,5. but this did not help much; for as soon as an opportunity arose, he immediately started another quarrel and destroyed some toy.

281,6. This boy, who was also among the group of children, became excited shortly after seeing this miracle, and took a willow branch and said:

281,7. "It's a good thing, that these clay sparrows have flown away;

281,8. Now I will also make the water fly away with this branch!"

281,9. After uttering these words, the boy, who was called Annas, began to lash the water to let it out of the hole.

281,10. At this the Godchild lost His patience, and He spoke in a very serious tone:

281,11. "O you wilful, foolish boy, you – a Satan barely covered with flesh, want to destroy what I have created!?

281,12. O you wretched boy! – You, who I can destroy with the subtlest breath, wants to anger Me and defy Me at all times?!

281,13. Behold, so that your foolishness and wickedness may become clear, may you wither up for three years, just like the branch with which you drove out My water!"

281,14. At these words of the Godchild, the wicked boy immediately collapsed and withered away to such an extent, that one could see nothing but skin and bones on him –

281,15. and he became so weak that he could neither stand nor walk.

281,16. With a heavy heart, the parents took their shrivelled child and carried him to their house while weeping.

281,17. Soon afterwards they came to Joseph's house and prosecuted him through a chief justice because of what his Child had done –

281,18. and because Joseph did not permit them to punish his Godchild for this deed.

281,19. When the chief justice came, the Child ran towards him and asked him:

281,20. "Why have you come here? Do you want to judge Me?!"

281,21. And the chief justice said: "Not you, but Your father!"

281,22. And the Child spoke: "Turn back soon, otherwise your judgment will fall upon you!"

281,23. And the chief justice became so frightened at this that he suddenly turned back and did not want to hear anything more on this matter.

281,24. And that was the second miracle that the Child had performed at that same time. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-281 Chapter