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Chapter 283. – Joseph's sense of propriety. The angry neighbour falls silent. The request of the shepherd boy's father – and the Child's reply.

283,1. But as Joseph came into the village and inspected the work,

283,2. he could hear the uproar emanating from the village, and particularly from the father of the shrivelled boy.

283,3. And the father immediately went in search of the parents of the killed boy and stirred them up against Joseph.

283,4. And these in turn ran in haste and desperation towards Joseph and shouted:

283,5. "Go away from here with your terrible Child. Everything he says happens instantly!

283,6. For children should always be a blessing from above to man;

283,7. your Child, however, is only come to be a curse upon us!

283,8. Therefore go away from here, you bringer of misfortune!"

283,9. Here the Child said: "If that is the case, what then are you towards Me?

283,10. Have you, father of Annas, not told the shepherd boy to kill me!?

283,11. Have you not in fact promised him a good reward if he killed Me, which he certainly would have done, for he cannot be prosecuted due to his age?

283,12. And see, My early-awakened spirit caused Me to think:

283,13. I too am still far from being under the law; therefore I can immediately give the boy his well-deserved reward!

283,14. And if you take Me, or father Joseph to court on My account, then we will also know how to explain the law to you!

283,15. Look, I have thought just as you did – and also acted upon it! We have followed your own course of action. Why then do you consider it unreasonable?

283,16. At this speech of the Child, the father of the shrivelled boy was gripped with fear;

283,17. for he clearly inferred from it that this Child knew the thoughts and the secret decisions of men,

283,18. and that one should therefore beware of him.

283,19. Hereupon all the loudmouths left Joseph and the Child.

283,20. Only the father of the killed boy remained in front of Joseph and wept for his boy and said: "Killing is not an art; but giving life certainly is!

283,21. Therefore nobody should kill who cannot give life!"

283,22. And the Child spoke: "I could also do that if I wanted to; but the boy was wicked, that is why I will not!" – At these words, the father pleaded with the boy. But the Child said: "Tomorrow, but not today!" – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-283 Chapter