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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-32 Chapter

Chapter 32. – The angel as adviser of the three wise men. The departure of the wise men to the Orient. Joseph's impatience. Cornelius' soothing words to Joseph. Joseph's hints on the power and goodness of God.

32,1. The three wise men now gathered in one tent and discussed what they should do next.

32,2. Should they keep their word to Herod, or should they break their word for the first time?

32,3. And in the event that they would have to return to their country by another route, the question was which route would bring them safely back.

32,4. And one of them asked the others: "Will the miraculous star that led us to this place, also lead us back home by a new route?"

32,5. As they conferred with each other, behold, an angel appeared among them and spoke to them: "Do not fear uselessly, for the way has already been paved!

32,6. As straight as the sun's rays fall upon the earth at noon, just that straight you will be led to your country tomorrow, and this route will not pass through Jerusalem!"

32,7. Thereupon the angel disappeared and the three wise men retired for the night. Early in the morning, they left the place and soon arrived in their country via the shortest route, and they announced the great glory of God to all and awakened the true faith in the united God in them.

32,8. In the same morning, Joseph asked the captain how much longer he still had to stay in this cave.

32,9. The captain said to Joseph in the friendliest possible manner: "My most highly respected man! Do you then suppose that I am keeping you here as a prisoner?

32,10. What an idea! – How can I, a worm in the dust before the power of your God, ever hold you prisoner!? – What my love for you does, see, is not captivity!

32,11. As far as my power is concerned your are free at any hour and can go wherever you want! – However, you are not as free of my heart; for it wants to keep you here for all time, because it loves you and your little Son with indescribable strength!

32,12. Be patient for a few more days; I will immediately send scouts into Jerusalem and find out what the cunning old devil plans to do, now that the Persians have not kept their word!

32,13. I will then know what to do and will protect you against any persecution from this ruthless tyrant.

32,14. For you can believe me when I say that Herod is the greatest enemy of my heart, and I will strike him, wherever and whenever I can!

32,15. I am, of course, only a captain and am myself a subordinate to a higher-ranked general, who resides in Sidon and Smyrna and commands twelve legions in Asia.

32,16. However, I am not a common centurion, but a patrician, and according to my title, also have command over the twelve legions in Asia! So if I want to deploy any of the legions, I do not need to first make a request in Smyrna, but as a patrician I only need to command and the legion would have to obey me! Therefore you can count on me if Herod should appear!"

32,17. Joseph thanked the captain for this most kindly care, sat down and then spoke:

32,18. "Listen to me, honourable friend! – See, you had previously made the most careful plans to deal with the Persians; but of what use were they in the end?!

32,19. The Persians arrived unseen by all your thousand eyes and had already set up camp, before you even discovered them!

32,20. See, if my Lord, my God, had not guarded me, where would I be now, even with your help? The Persians could have strangulated me, together with my entire family, long before you appeared!

32,21. Therefore I say to you as a friend with the utmost gratitude: human help is worthless; for men are nothing before God!

32,22. If, however, the Lord God wishes to help us, and God alone can help, we need not take too much trouble; for in spite of many efforts on our part, everything will happen only according to the Lord's wishes, and never according to ours.

32,23. Therefore refrain from laborious and dangerous reconnaissance in Jerusalem, through which firstly, only little relevant information can be obtained, and secondly, a harsh fate could be the consequence for you, on my account!

32,24. This night, the Lord will surely indicate to me what Herod will do, and what I must do; therefore, along with me, you should not worry at all and let the Lord prevail over me and you, and all will be right."

32,25. As the captain heard Joseph's speech, his emotions were greatly roused, and it caused him pain that Joseph had refused his help.

32,26. Joseph spoke: "Good, dearest friend! It pains you because I have dissuaded you of taking care of my future welfare.

32,27. But if you look at the matter in a clear light, you will necessarily agree with me!

32,28. See, which one of us has ever carried the sun and the moon and all the stars across the skies? Which one of us has ever commanded the winds, storms and strikes of lightning?

32,29. Who has dug a bed for the mighty sea, and which one of us has marked out the paths of the great rivers?

32,30. Which bird have we taught the swift flight and when have we arranged their plumage? When have we made their throats with which they can make such melodious sounds?

32,31. Where is the grass which grows from the living seeds created by us?

32,32. See, the Lord does all this every day! – As His mighty and wonderful reign reminds you at every moment of His infinitely loving care, how can you wonder when I most amicably point out to you that before God all human help sinks back in the dust of insignificance?"

32,33. These words put the captain again in a positive mood; but, nevertheless, he secretly sent scouts to Jerusalem to find out what was happening there.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-32 Chapter