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Chapter 45. – The inspection of the new home. Mary's and Joseph's words of gratitude. Cyrenius' interest in the history of Israel.

45,1. After recovering from this great surprise Joseph inspected everything with Cyrenius.

45,2. And Mary, who took the Child again from Cyrenius' arms, joined them and was overjoyed by the grace of the Lord who had taken so much care of her material needs.

45,3. After everything had been inspected and they had returned to the residential building, Mary, still full of joy, spoke to Joseph:

45,4. "O my dear and beloved Joseph! I am so happy that the Lord has taken so much care of us!

45,5. Yes, it almost feels to me as if the Lord has reversed the entire old order!

45,6. Once He took the children of Israel out of Egypt into the promised land of Palestine, then called Canaan.

45,7. But now He has again made Egypt into the promised land and fled with us or rather led us here Himself, from where He once redemptorily led our fathers through the desert into the promised land, which was overflowing with milk and honey."

45,8. And Joseph spoke: "Mary, you are not altogether mistaken with your serene remark;

45,9. but I am of the opinion, that your statement suits only the present situation.

45,10. It looks to me, as if the Lord has done with us now what he once did to the sons of Jacob, when the great famine had broken out in the land of Canaan!

45,11. The people of Israel then remained in Egypt until Moses came; but Moses took them home again through the desert.

45,12. And I believe, that the same thing will happen to us; we too will not be buried here and will surely return to Canaan at the right time!

45,13. At the time our fathers were taken home, surely a man like Moses had to be awakened first; but we already have the Moses of Moses in our midst!

45,14. And so I believe it will happen as I have spoken."

45,15. Mary kept all these words in her heart and agreed with Joseph.

45,16. Cyrenius had listened as well to this conversation and indicated to Joseph that he wanted to hear more about the ancient history of the Jews. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-45 Chapter