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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-63 Chapter

Chapter 63. – James acting as a nursemaid at the cradle of the Infant; his curiosity and his reprimand by the Child. James' foreboding about the Infant's inner being.

63,1. In the evening Mary put the tired Infant into the cradle which Joseph had made when they came to Ostracine.

63,2. As usual, Joseph's youngest son acted as nursemaid, and rocked the Infant to sleep.

63,3. And Mary went into the kitchen, to prepare the evening meal.

63,4. Joseph's son hoped that the Infant would soon fall asleep, because he wanted to join his brothers in watching the lighting of a triumphal arch, not far from the villa, that had been built in honour of Cyrenius.

63,5. He rocked the Child diligently and sang and whistled while doing so.

63,6. But the Infant did not seem to fall asleep. When he stopped the rocking, the Child immediately started to move about, indicating to the brother that He was not asleep yet.

63,7. This sent James almost into despair, because outside it was brightening up already with all the burning torches.

63,8. He therefore decided to leave the Child alone for a little while, even when He was not yet asleep, in order to have a look at the spectacle.

63,9. But when James raised himself, the Infant spoke: "James, if you leave Me now, you will fare badly!

63,10. Am I not worth more than this silly spectacle outside and your vain curiosity?

63,11. Look, all the stars and angels are in envy of the service you do to me, and you have no patience with Me and want to leave Me? –

63,12. Truly, if you do that you are not worth to be My brother!

63,13. Just go, if the spectacle of the world is dearer to you than!

63,14. See, the whole room is full of angels, ready to serve Me, if your small and easy task is too much of a burden for you!"

63,15. This speech took away James' desire to leave the room in an instant;

63,16. so he remained beside the cradle, asked the Infant for forgiveness and continued to rock Him diligently.

63,17. And the Infant spoke to James: "Everything is forgiven you; but do not get tempted by the world another time!

63,18. For I am more than the world, all heavens and all men and angels!"

63,19. These words shocked James to the core; for he gradually became aware Who was there within the Child.

63,20. Now Mary and Joseph and all the others came into the room and set down at the table; and James promptly told them what happened to him.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-63 Chapter