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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-80 Chapter

Chapter 80. – Joseph's domestic precautions. The Infant's joy about James. "Those whom I love, I can tease and pinch and tug!" James' happy and enviable mission.

80,1. After arriving in the villa, Joseph immediately went to his sons, who were busy with the preparation of lunch, and spoke to them:

80,2. Very good my sons, you have anticipated my intentions; but we will have three more guests tonight, namely the three priests who were to die this morning!

80,3. We shall treat them especially well, so that they become our friends in the recognition of our Father in heaven,

80,4. who has chosen us as his children by the covenant He made with our fathers!

80,5. But you James, you go out and meet your exhausted mother and relieve her from our dearest Infant,

80,6. and put Him to bed immediately; for He is very tired and longing for the cradle!"

80,7. James promptly ran towards Mary, who was just stepping out of the litter, and took the Infant away from her arms with the greatest love and joy.

80,8. And the Infant showed the same great affection to James; He jumped on his arms and smiled and pinched and tugged him wherever He could grasp him with his little hands.

80,9. And the three priests, having the greatest respect for this Child, were amazed and happy to see something truly childlike in this Child.

80,10. One of them went over to James and asked him in good Hebrew:

80,11. "Tell me, is this miraculous Child of all children always so cheerful, or one might say, naughty even, as normal children usually are when they are two or three years old?"

80,12. The Infant immediately responded Himself in place of James:

80,13. Yes, yes, My friend! – Those whom I love, I also tease and pinch and tug; but that happens only to those who love Me like My James does – and who I love as I love My dear James!

80,14. But I don't cause anyone any harm in this way! – Is it not true, My dear James, that it does not hurt you, when I tug and pinch you like that?"

80,15. And James, who was always easily moved to tears, spoke: "O You my divine and dearest little Brother, how could you hurt me?"

80,16. And the Infant replied to James: "James, My brother, you truly love Me!

80,17. And I love you so much, that in all eternity you will never realise how much I love you!

80,18. See, My dear brother James, the heavens are wide and endless, and they contain innumerable gleaming worlds of light, like the earth contained in a drop of dew!

80,19. And these worlds carry countless numbers of happy beings of your kind; but none of them is happier than you, My dearest brother! – You will not understand Me just yet; but in time, you will understand Me quite well! – I do not want to sleep now with all the people keeping watch around Me! – But I want to stay with you!"

80,20. This speech broke James' heart again and he wept of loving joy; but the inquiring priest almost sank into the ground out of sheer awe and respect for this Child!

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-80 Chapter