Come now and be baptized in the Living Waters of Spirit and Truth

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The Lord says… Be baptized in the Living Waters of Spirit and Truth & Receive Forgiveness for your Sins

January 13, 2005 – From The Lord, Our God and Savior – The Word of The Lord Spoken to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

This is what The Lord says, concerning baptism… Let My beloved first be baptized in spirit and in truth, filled with the knowledge of The Holy, nourished by the Word of Truth. Let them come to Me in sincere repentance and receive forgiveness of sins, all burdens lifted, immersed and purified in The Spirit of God. For The Holy One of Israel is He who baptizes with The Holy Spirit and with fire, and He knows His own.

Therefore, hear and also understand… The Water of Life resides not in the water of the earth, of which all must drink to maintain their earthly body. Rather The Water of Life is that which flows from the body of The Messiah, He who is called Christ, which all must partake of to have life.

For He alone is The Giver of Life, and in Him do all things consist, and in Him only shall one know salvation and receive eternal life. Therefore listen to Him, partake of His words, every one, and be baptized in the knowledge and wisdom of The Beloved, in whom you are accepted.

Tell Me then, can the water of the earth take away your sins, or cleanse you of your transgression? Can a river lead you to salvation or a stream call you to repentance? In what waters have you heard The Word of God speak? Thus baptism by water can not save you.

Rather, salvation comes by the hearing of The Gospel, and through the confession of the mouth that YahuShua, called Jesus, is Lord; believing with all the heart and with all the mind that He is The Risen One, The Only Way, The Only Truth, The Only Life. For only by true repentance, in accord with the heart’s desire to be in union with The Messiah, shall one be set free.

So then, go forth and be baptized in the waters of the earth, if you so desire. Yet remember this… Baptism in and of itself is nothing, unless the heart of the one being immersed has been truly converted. Thus baptism is for a testimony, an exercise in faith for the one who is saved already; or a mere dampening of the clothes, of the one who came forth in pretense. For I am The Lord, I search the hearts and minds, and I know whether or not one has truly turned to Me with their whole heart.

Therefore, here is wisdom… YahuShua HaMashiach, who is called Christ and Jesus, was baptized not for repentance, but in glory; My spirit coming to rest upon Him, declaring Him both Lord and Savior before the children of Israel. For the time had come for The Lamb of God to be revealed, for the power of sin to be defeated.

Behold The Son of Man, Immanu El, for He is The True Baptism!… Embrace Him, that you may be immersed in the presence of God. Breathe Him in, that you may receive of The Holy Spirit…

Put on The Messiah and wear Him well, for as it is written… As many as were immersed into The Messiah have also clothed themselves with The Messiah, in whom there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor freeman, neither male nor female. For in union with The Messiah YahuShua all are one…

Therefore, all who refuse Him shall remain poor and naked, void and without understanding, very desolate… Says The Lord.