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The Lord says… Come to Me… Let go of your Teachers, your Leaders & My Prophet (Original Title => Culmination)

August 27, 2009 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for The Lord’s Little Flock, and for all Those who have Ears to Hear

Behold, My sons and daughters, behold and see with greater eyes. Before you is the man, My prophet… before you is a man. He is a man in whom the Spirit dwells, a man of flesh and stumbling, stumbling over that stone which, at present, I Myself have allowed him and made him to be… Yes, a stone of stumbling. Yes, beloved, he did open his mouth in sincerity, but I did not speak. He did open his mouth, hearing his own inner voice, and the tempter that I, Myself, allowed to be brought near to him, and he did speak… And that spoken was not performed.

So then, beloved, I now ask you to look inside, and see who you really are, and ask yourselves… ‚What is my faith made of, and upon what does it stand? And in whom must I now put all my trust?… Not in a man, nor in your brother, according to your faith… I WILL NOT SHARE MY GLORY.

Timothy is My vessel, by which I have given you a cool drink of water… Yea, he was My lamp amongst the darkness of your lives. Yet he was not poured out for you, neither did he shine by his own light… It was not he who was the author of your faiths. He is My vessel by which these things were done for you, a servant and vine dresser, My servant, your slave, serving the Master’s children.

Trust in ME and hear MY words, yes, even those in the Volumes, My Letters… They are food and drink for this starving generation, correction for this insolent people called by My own name amongst the churches of men, and that Trumpet which I said would come and is now here… The trumpet of alarm and war, the trumpet of judgment, a call to repentance… The trumpet and announcement of My coming, which is nearly fulfilled… The Trumpet of Evacuation.

Hear Me now and doubt not, nor lose heart, nor let your faith wane, as though you now tire and want to rest and step off the path… Run forward and embrace My ways. I know they are not at all like man’s ways, nor as you would have Me do, yet I say to you, embrace them and grab hold of Me, and trust… Trust of such a kind, which has only come by a letting go, a letting go of all you thought was true, a releasing of all you thought must be held fast and of all that which you had come to lean upon. Give up now and come to Me, and see with eyes wide open, and together with you in Me and I in you will your faith be made new…

Made only by that which is of Me and in Me, standing upon that foundation, which I am the Stone thereof. Let go of your teachers, your guides and My prophet, and love them, for they are but men, My sons and your brothers, your beloved friends. Love them, I say, for they love you with the love I have placed within them. Yet no longer take hold of them, nor reach out to grasp their hand, nor place your hand upon their shoulders to steady yourselves… Come to Me! Run to Me only. For they are Mine and have been tested, refined, even humbled and set in their places… Prepared. Even as you also are being prepared… A tying down of My bundles in preparation of the coming storm and the First Harvest.

Beloved, pray for My witnesses, for they do remain My witnesses… Even Timothy shall go for Me as I have said, though he will now walk through a dark sea of scoffers, and among those who stretch out the hand and disfigure their faces, even to spit upon him and seek him harm… Yes, he shall walk, he shall boldly go with the power of My Spirit fully established in him. And even you, who must abide for a very short season, holding fast in safety, even you, beloved, shall also suffer increased persecutions from many and from among those in your own circle, for it is My will that they increase their noise and depart further from Me for a time.

Lo, I have provided the means and the stone, by which they will justify their outbursts of perverse and wicked speeches. And so the gap shall widen, with the bundles set in their places, even as yours… One to the harvest, and the rest to be tried in the fires of The Father’s indignation. They will be tried… Yea, they shall be burned and taken through the fire. And those who are abased and penitent, with true remorse in their hearts, shall receive a cool drink of water by the very same hand which was first offered to you and by whom you had come to drink… Yes, beloved, the very one they hated and spoke evil against, even the very same one who they made the cause of all their anger and wrath, though it was My words, even Me they hated, not him…

My ways are not the ways of men. I search the hearts and minds, and every thought I know. I mold the clay, I alone make them new… I, the Refashioner of the thoughts and innermost intents of the heart, of those who have truly partaken and received of My body and My blood.

Therefore, beloved, perk up your ears and be humbled by My words… Even as Timothy has been humbled greatly, and has now been prepared, and is now ready to receive that which is required. Doubt not, nor lack trust in My words, nor that spoken and written through him. For that spoken and that written, in My presence, is purposed, and shall not at all return void.

Even of that done by one who truly loves Me, though it appears to others as error, will not return void. For all acts of My beloved are done in My sight… Even all their comings and goings I foreknew, preparing their path ahead of them or leaving it unkempt so they may stumble, to bring about My purpose of establishing Myself in them, to the glory of The Father in Heaven and of that name which is His and I own.

So the time has begun, and now is, and will shortly be fulfilled for My servant, even as it is for all My witnesses, which is according to My will and brought to pass by My own hand… Even as all of you have entered into a time of refinement, in the testing of your faiths, and will continue therein. Yet of his, it shall be completed shortly… Even a short work must be performed in him and among My witnesses who shall go out, following Me wheresoever I lead them… Even they shall receive the prophet’s reward, and you, oh beloved little flock, shall be left alone without a shepherd…

Yet of The Shepherd, He will be with you… And His voice shall you hear and obey.And the hired men shall be gone from your sight, for a time and that season, which has been spoken of from the foundation of the world, that it should come and is now here. Yet of it, none of you shall behold…. For you shall be broken and uplifted, escaping the Father’s judgment.

Believe My words and doubt not. Receive of Me and be remolded, as I have purposed and am now bringing forth.

The time has come for Me to arise from My place… Lo, I am already here. I shall arise and fill My vessels and defend My servants, with a stretched-out arm and a loud voice… Even My breath shall come forth out of men, and those within hearing shall fall down at the power of My voice in them.

My servants are poured out and I shall come in, so again they may be poured out in power and by many signs, with many words, a whirlwind of proclamations… Bringing great glory to My name. I WILL BE GLORIFIED! The time is now… I am come.