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Summary of the past 10 Months – From the Messages of Jesus to Sister Clare between April 25th, 2016 – February 25th, 2017

Excerpt of the Message from April 25th, 2016 – Update on America’s Future

Jesus began… “I have hearkened to your prayers, My Bride. A month ago I asked you to press in with repentance and prayer for the nation. Not only this channel, but all through My Body, I planted the word where it would be accepted and acted on. And you all were obedient to apply yourselves to prayer, and as a result, certain things have been mitigated, toned down, cancelled or lessened. That includes your leadership, which is key to your future.”

“There is another chance being given to America but that does not negate the Rapture and what must yet be fulfilled on the Earth. It lessens it, it does not negate it.”

“There has been a lot of repentance in America in the past month, a lot. Still, what is written must take place. Yet, the repentance has caused many events to be delayed. There must be a continuance of repentance, it must go deeper and deeper. Many are not aware of how they have offended My Father, but this will come with the events.”

Clare asked… Lord, what about Donald Trump?

Jesus answered… “He is a good man for the job. We will see. I cannot say anything more about this time, everything has not as yet been decided. But he is My Father’s choice for America.”

“Yet America and the church has much left to do. Very much. Much more repentance on a wider scale. This will happen after certain events. There is much hope, Clare, much hope. Those who have hearkened to My plea for prayer and repentance have turned the fate of this country around. That does not mean it will be easy. There will be much death and many disasters. These still will occur, but because of the faithfulness of the few who were repentant and repenting for this nation, the effects of these devastations will be far less.”

“You know Me. You know I only apply as much pressure as is needed to get the job done. I hate death. I hate sorrow and loss. I hate suffering, especially the suffering of the innocent. Much of the future events have been cast as a result of immorality and corruption even of My people, so certain things must happen. Yet I will show mercy and much tragedy will be averted. The more My People repent, the more tragedy will be averted.”

Excerpt of the Message from May 9th, 2016 – Stand up America

Jesus began… “As things begin to heat up in your country I will be calling more and more souls into prayer. Yes, I have given some pleasant and hopeful things to do, but intercession right now is increasing in need. Those who oppose Trump have planned several assassination attempts but I will foil them all if only you will pray and raise a standard of protection around him and his family. I do intend for him to take office, that is My intention. But for this to happen you must all pray him in with fasts and offerings.”

“His family, as well, must be protected as many curses have been leveled against them. I am calling all Christian leaders and ministers to strip these curses off daily. They cannot succeed if you all are doing your jobs. His safety is reliant upon your prayers, all of you. Not just those who tune into this channel, but all of you around this world have a part in bringing a reprieve to America.”

Excerpt of the Message from May 19th, 2016 – Why Failures qualify you for Success & Donald Trump

Jesus began… “Every great vessel that has ever served Me has a profound understanding of his absolute nothingness. Without this attitude, I never could have used him. He might look confident to you, but I see him on his knees confessing his weaknesses. I see what you do not see. In his heart, he is but a kitten, while to others he may appear as a lion.”

Clare asked… Lord, why am I thinking of Donald Trump here? Is he one such man?

Jesus answered… “No, Clare, not yet – but he will be. I am calling him into My service and he will learn that something beyond him is responsible for his successes. He will learn that I gave him all that he has, I led him and guided him with wisdom. He will recognize that nothing he has done has been done on his own.”

“This is the other way I work with souls for My purposes. Look at Nebuchadnezzar. He was a mighty ruler, but one day he woke up crawling on the ground and snorting like a pig, totally unaware of who he once was. That is how I got his attention. Pray that I don’t need to use such drastic means on this candidate. He will encounter himself stripped of everything, standing before Me in My mirror. Then he will see who I truly am and who he truly is – and is not. Then the beauty of the man will arise, with Me living through him.”

“Oh, you all have so much to learn about human nature and what I can accomplish with even the vainest of men. Is it not written that I hold the king’s heart in My hands?”

As it is written in Proverbs 21:1-2… The king’s heart is as channels of water in the hand of the Lord, He turns it wherever He wants. Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, but the LORD weighs the hearts.

“Do you see, My Christian people? You are looking at this man and wagging your fingers because you do not know the Scriptures, nor My power to turn hearts. You are making decisions based on your own limited wisdom and presuming you know what is best. You will presume yourself into another Obama and the New World Order if you do not put your trust in Me.”

“This is why I tell you continually, opinion is no substitute for discernment. When you discern My times, My seasons, My choices, you will go against the current being generated by the ruling elite. When you think for yourselves, basing everything on your personal preference and the opinions of others, you will find yourself endorsing evil. Discernment takes time. Opinion is the lazy man’s way. This nation is in this fix right now because you were lazy. Don’t make the same mistake. Discern My times, My seasons and My choices. Stand with Me, not with popular opinion.”

Excerpt of the Message from July 23rd, 2016 – Prayer & Repentance holds Judgment back & Elects Donald Trump

Jesus began… “Freedom of religion, freedom to worship… Oh, Clare, it is not this way in the world. In many places you cannot worship this way, you do not have the freedom to be with Me.”

“It is different in your country America… so far – although that will be changing. Not in Mr. Trump’s presidency, but despots that will come after him.”

“Yes, I intend to see him all the way into the White House. I intend to bring down wicked structure and wicked laws that have effectively put an end to this nation. I will answer these prayers; I need these prayers to proceed. I don’t care if it is just an ejaculatory prayer such as “Oh, God, protect him and his family.” The simpler the better. I will answer it. And when the multitude cries out in prayer for him, shall I not answer with abundant protection?”

“Yes, the Christian leaders of this country have planted themselves around his candidacy, his nomination and his election. No matter how hard the enemy tries to stop him, as long as prayers are being cried out for him, I will uphold and advance him.”

“You will meet with scorn and contempt from people for your stance, but understand: they have scales on their eyes and are blinded to the reality of the Satanic government they have voted in.”

Clare… Wow, Lord, those are pretty strong words about the government being satanic.

“Well, they only describe the reality, the hidden reality of what these people believe and practice in secret. It is more terrible than you can imagine. It would make the worst sinner blush with shame. But a tree is known by its fruit, most of which has been written into hidden laws and is the groundwork for a dictatorship. If these laws were to come into practice, it would be too late for the voting public to change them. Everything has been done in secret, under the cover of a ‘better way,’ and the undiscerning are totally blind to the content of these laws.”

“I intend to change that, Clare. I intend to put this man in office and pull down the rotten structure that has eroded the rights of all American people. But I will need a lot of prayer and sacrifice…fast offerings in order to accomplish this. And you cannot afford to fall into complacency for one minute, or the game is over.”

“So, I am calling you, My People, to arm yourselves with patience and fight the good fight. I am on the side of what is right.”

“Mr. Trump has quite a job before him. But I am with him and he will not fail, at least in My eyes. Others will disagree, but in the long run, they will see the wisdom in his moves. The greatest obstacle he will face, besides the threat of assassination, are the corrupt elected officials. But even there, I will give him an advantage. There are so-called ‘closet’ Christians who hate what’s been done to this country and they will begin to stand up and make their voice count.”

Excerpt of the Message from August 10th, 2016 – Jesus is calling to His Brides… ‘Lay down your Lives & stand beside Me’

Jesus began… “I am calling you, My Brides, to lay down your lives and stand beside Me in this race against Satan’s tyranny in this country and the world. I am calling you now and for the next three years to lay down your agendas for being in Heaven and give Me your whole hearts as an offering for this country and the world.”

“As America goes, so goes the rest of the world. And now it is your mandate as My Spouse to stand for what is right. Back Me up. Pray, offering every cross you are given, for My Kingdom comes, My Will be done. You, as intercessors, are standing at the pivotal point of the entire world’s salvation. As this country goes, so will the world follow, and this is but the beginning of a purging of evil in the entire world.”

Excerpt of the Message from October 12th, 2016 – Avoid Contact with the Media & Do the RIGHT Thing

Jesus began… “As you get closer to the election, things will be more trying and difficult. Please do not walk away in My hour of need. Please stand by Me and allow whatever I allow, giving full consent in the knowledge that your decision is turning the tide in this world. Stand with Me against the evil, stand and do not be fooled by propaganda in the media.”

“Do what you know is right and avoid contact with the media. It is a reprehensible sewer spilling effluent all over this nation. If you are close to Me, you will know what is right. If you are not, you will act foolishly, not understanding what is truly at stake in this election.”

“I have prepared you for this time. I have prepared you to understand, to sacrifice, to repent and to stand your ground for what is right in this country, and ultimately for the world.”

Excerpt of the Message from October 16th, 2016 – THIS IS A CRITICAL HOUR

Jesus began… “Yes, this is a critical hour and from every nook and cranny of this Earth I am taking fasts and offerings to avert what is sure to be the end of life on Earth as we know it. What they have suffered in the Middle East will surely manifest in every country of the world. And the only thing that will stop it is what you and I, ‘WE’, are going through right now, for truly, I am there, right there by your side, suffering with you as you have to make sacrifices.”

“How can I get it through to you, My People? Your sacrifices are absolutely the very thing holding back the absolute tyranny that will come to America and all countries. Not just any tyranny, a bloody tyranny that you cannot even imagine here in this country. Something so graphically evil you cannot conceive of it, except in horror movies, which will never convey the depth of suffering that comes from those who have been trained to be butchers and monsters of the worst kind. Even though your prayers for them are powerful, and there is conversion inside that community. Still it is a mounting force of evil that is spreading all over the world, and lying dormant, waiting for the word to spring into action.”

“You are holding back the wrath of Satan on this Earth.”

“This election in America will be a major determining factor. As America goes, so will the world. It is not about Clinton or Obama, it is about the Satanic government that is already entrenched in your world and this is your last chance to avert it. Your last chance. Please, do not grow despondent or despairing. Rather, thank Me profusely that we were able to hold this back.”

Excerpt of the Message from October 19th, 2016 – DONALD TRUMP is GODs CHOICE

Jesus began… “WHAT IS AT STAKE RIGHT NOW is not Mr. Trump’s marriage, nor his character traits, nor his personal business – for if the truth were told, you have those looking respectable who were present when a sacrificial infant was slain and they drank its blood.”

“So you see, you really don’t see. You hear, but you don’t really hear – not the truth, that is. You see and hear a facade, a socially acceptable mask, and beneath it Satan and his minions are pulling strings to slaughter all the Christians world-wide, but especially in America.”

“If you are a Christian, you are slated for death in this country, unless another comes to power and at the very least delays it for a few years. Nevertheless, I will remove My church in her glory. But times until then will not be easy.”

“But now I am asking you to pay very close attention to Me and not the media. If you want to preserve your country, you do not have a choice on who to vote for. I have already made that choice for you.”

“In the meantime, this man is learning a whole new way of living and thinking. He did accept Me as his savior – he did. Now, he is finding out how detestable his behavior has been all these years. He is deeply ashamed of himself, as he should be. But not everything said about him is true. There are many, many lies and manipulations to convince the non-thinking public he is unfit for the job and a scandal.”

“I am standing here waiting for you, My People. I have drawn a line in the desert, even as Moses did when he confronted Korah. I am not suggesting that Mr. Trump is morally cleaner and free from error than Mrs. Clinton. I am simply saying he is My choice, because he will do My will and bidding. I have chosen him to lead this country back into a healthy state, that at the very least the structure that upholds your rights will be intact. There will come a time when none of that matters, but in the meantime, I have chosen him to lead.”

“So I am standing here and asking you to choose: are you on My side or the enemy’s side? Your decision has life-long consequences. This is not about choosing the most socially acceptable candidate. This is a war you’re in. And you have the power to overcome the enemy right now.”

Excerpt of the Message from October 22nd, 2016 – Jesus speaks about the best of the worst Candidates

Jesus began… “If I had to wait for someone who was morally clean to do this job, as the President of the United States, it would never get done. Look at David, the greatest king My people ever had, and even he committed adultery with Bathsheba. And to cover it, had her husband murdered.”

“Let’s just say, I have chosen the best of the worst…because I know his heart and I know his end. He will do a good job. The others are deceivers of the worst kind bent on destroying you and the Earth.”

“So, it is up to you, My People, to discern these words. Clare knows nothing about politics, even by her own admission, she has been instructed by Me and holds no other opinion than My own.”

“Yes, well this time it does matter and that’s why I’m calling My people to stand by My choice, the best of the worst candidates. I’m not here to argue with anyone. I have seen your locker room thoughts and even talk – I’ve seen more than that, in fact. And there is not one man who can stand before Me and say… ‘I am without sin, Lord.” Not even one.’”

Excerpt of the Message from November 6th, 2016 – ELECTION IN AMERICA… Jesus is calling His Church into Prayer

The Lord began… “You are now facing the biggest political turnaround since the iron curtain fell. It’s time for this country to overcome the obstacles of the past, and make the best of the mess left by the masons. Dear ones, remember… This country was founded on occult principals, not Christian ones. There is a fight and war going on in the heavens and on the earth, for control of the earth. The only way to wage this war is spiritually, and of course, taking action and casting your votes, but I need My church in prayer for the next three days, as the battle comes to a conclusion.”

Excerpt of the Message from November 8th, 2016 – This is the Decisive Hour… ELECTION DAY IN THE US

Jesus began… “Tonight IS a critical night. There is a stillness in Heaven. Those who have shouldered this burden and prayed – I commend you. You are truly carrying My Cross for the world. Those of you who have longed for the day when righteousness would be established in your country, it will never be so until I come. But steps could be taken to at least move in that direction. The first being to put a total end to abortion.”

“Just as the man of sin began his reign in America by allowing babies to be cut into pieces in their mother’s wombs, the first act of righteousness would totally ban the practice and begin the steps to ban abortion in America forever. What heavy judgments would be removed from this country were that to take place. What peace could be established at her borders. Can I bless and protect a nation that slaughters innocent children? Surely I cannot. But an end to this practice would lift the severe judgment on this land.”

Excerpt of the Message from November 9th, 2016 – PRESIDENT TRUMP IS ELECTED… You have made a WISE Choice

Jesus began… “My mercy for this country will be felt tonight. The prayers of My servants have been heard, for they have humbled themselves and sought Me. Shall I not grant them the respite they so desire? Yet, there is cause for concern. Do not imagine that every man will perfectly follow My Will, but this man I have anointed, for better and for worse, yet the challenges he is facing in the coming months are beyond human comprehension, but I comprehend them, and he is open in his mind to listen to My Wisdom, though He rarely recognizes that it is Me talking to him.”

“Nonetheless, he is anointed because his heart is right, no matter that He is blustery and proud. He is shrewder than what appears on the surface. As long as that submits to My Wisdom, it’s a good kind of shrewd. He will be a world leader that everyone respects. Whether they like him or not, they will respect him. He will set some major issues in America back on the right track, but Clare, this is the world, and what can be expected? Nonetheless, he will do a good job with what is ahead of him. How can 60 years of corruption at the highest level be righted over night? Only by My coming can that happen, but for now, America has another chance to drop its compulsions with materialism, and begin to take responsibility for the policies of this nation.”

“People have been led around by a golden ring in their noses, enjoying the fad of the land. This, in turn, produced a blind generation, all taken up in material comforts and education, thoughtless about the true nature of those they elected. Nonetheless, I am with this man, and I will reorder things through him. This nation has made a wise choice, and now, I can work with it.”

Excerpt of the Message from November 10th, 2016 – JESUS SPEAKS… TRUMP WINS & THE BATTLE BEGINS

Jesus began… “My arm has never been short. I will accomplish what I have set out to do, but it will require the prayers of My People. Dear ones, the fight is only just beginning. The tentacles reach deep beneath American soil and it will be a long, hard battle to restore America and set her upright on her feet.”

“The brainwashing of the young has had a significant affect in causing division and will continue until the truth is exposed about those who have won their hearts. Personality is everything. Women’s rights, immigration policies, all figure strongly in the aftermath.”

“My dear ones, though this man seems a blustering fool on the surface, he did not come about his fortune being ignorant of men’s ways. He cares deeply about his country, and has My vision for restoration. Though some of the measures seem harsh to foreigners, this country is so fragmented and infiltrated by the Muslims that these measures are very necessary. Yet the tentacles run deep.”

“As you pray, I dismantle key situations making it impossible for them to be carried out. You do not see what I am doing behind the scenes but you do see the affects – such as Donald Trump being voted into office, and America succeeding in even having elections when there was a plan underway to stop that from happening. But because of your prayers, it didn’t succeed.”

“This is My power, dear ones. Believe firmly in My ability and watch Me make the impossible happen consistently. I am doing this so you may move forward, serving and bringing souls to Me.”

Excerpt of the Message from November 12th, 2016 – Jesus speaks about World Peace… ‘You will feel a brief Taste of My Kingdom’

The Lord began… “Because you have taken these things to heart you shall live and not die, says the Lord your God.”

“Because you have prayed for this nation, for My will to be done, despite your personal opinions, you shall prosper both in soul and body. You will prosper in a healthy way and your enemies shall be defeated before you.”

“Because you have taken it to heart to cover this nation and president with prayer, and spread the truth, for these reasons will My choicest blessings be upon you and this nation.”

“There is a long winding road ahead of us, My People, a very long road with many twists and turns. But if you continue to pray and offer sacrifices as you have, it will lead to a spiritual renaissance where there will be an unusual degree of international peace between nations. There will be a taste of My government on this Earth – short lived as it may be. Still, the world will know the difference between My Peace and the contrived, staged peace of the elite.”

“I am going to give them a taste of what the world can be like when I govern. All will see and know the difference between Satan’s government and Mine. This is an extraordinary opportunity to convert those who are misled and participating in a dark government posing as the light.”

“There are many, among the youth especially – generation ‘X’ – that have good hearts and want the right things, but are grossly deceived by the NWO’s agenda.”

“But there are also some who will never recognize this Peace and will insist on violence against all the other peoples of the earth even as it is written, “The angel of the Lord said to her: “See, you are pregnant and you will give birth to a son. You shall name him Ishmael, for the Lord has heard your affliction. He will be a wild man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and live in hostility against all his brothers.” Genesis 16:11-12 Speaking about Hagar.

The Lord continued… “Because of what is written here, there shall be no peace among the Ishmaelites, nor will they tolerate the rule of peace. And this will be the undoing of the period of peace.”

“Clare, the evil powers will lay low during this period, waiting for the opportunity to return the world to chaos, but there will be a taste of peace, and it will be sweet.”

Clare asked… Lord, how long will this last?

He answered… “Two years. Pray for this, My People. It is the opportunity you have been waiting for to bring your adult children back to Me. It is a brief taste of My Kingdom.”

Excerpt of the Message from November 19th, 2016 – JESUS SAYS… I AM WITH DONALD TRUMP, even if I had to turn that missile around

Jesus said… “There could be no better ploy to destroy Mr. Trump than to blame it on the Muslims, the exact same way 9/11 was assigned to them, and the guilty ones would still look innocent to the public. However, I am with him, Clare, and even if I had to turn that missile around, I could do it. I am only asking you to pray, Beloved.”

Excerpt of the Message from December 4th, 2016 – As the Inauguration of President Trump draws closer…

Jesus said… “As the inauguration of President Trump draws closer, I will need you to keep a tighter reign on your prayers and offerings. The attempts to unseat him will become more violent and ugly, contrary to what the press is reporting. There are many plans drawn up to derail him at the last moment. Do not stop praying!!! All looks good on the surface but all looked good on the surface for Mrs. Clinton, but things took a sudden turn. Do not grow lax in prayer, this is NOT a shoo-in.”

Excerpt of the Message from December 20th, 2016 – PRAY! Let us stop this wicked Man! – NUCLEAR WAR or PEACE

The Lord began… “We are still on the brink of war with Russia. Your president (Obama) is still literally hell-bent on destroying this country and not allowing president-elect Trump to undo all the evil he so cleverly put in place to entrap the ignorant american people. He is not about to go down without a vicious fight, and what you see in the media is nothing compared to what he is planning behind closed doors. Heartdwellers, lest you be the victims of nuclear war and have to behold the charred remains of little children and their mothers… Pray like you have never prayed before. What is coming is horrendous and must be stopped by your prayers.”

Excerpt of the Message from December 23rd, 2016 – The Battle is not over yet! Obama is determined

The Lord began… “The battle is not over yet, dear ones of My Heart. It is not over yet. For the time being you have bound him in chains, but not for long, if you do not continue to fast and pray. This man (Obama) is diabolical and determined to put an end to America. In this moment, he is stewing in his own bitter juices because he cannot as yet touch you. But that will come to an end if you don’t keep up your efforts to bind him, for there are many devices and powers of evil involved in this wicked subterranean government.”

“And that is truly what you have, a hellish government formed underground quite literally, and figuratively, as well. Conceived and executed from Hell and I am about to despoil it – if you hold your ground in prayer. As I have told you before, I am giving this world a demonstration of what a Christian country can do through prayer.”

Excerpt of the Message from January 11th, 2017 – Your President elect Donald Trump exposes layer after layer of corruption…

Jesus said… “With the overturning of this ruling class agenda, you have literally risen from the dead, America. No one believed it could be done, but we are doing it. America will rise from the dead and those who lost their vision for what this country could become, those who joined hands with the ruling elite, those who thought their agenda was what the free world needed – they, too, have become disenfranchised as your president elect exposes layer after layer after layer of corruption and destruction by this evil force.”

“Many of them have turned their backs and taken up this new life-giving direction. They see more clearly than ever how very filthy and destructive those agendas were. They have even gone back and spoken out against the direction the elite are crafting.”

“Yet, this nefarious force is far from being eradicated. It still carries a tremendous arsenal of deadly germs and weapons that were to be used on the people of this nation. It is a delicate balance to keep this force in check but that is exactly what your prayers are doing. As you step forward America and take back your land, I step forward and institute the demise of those who have been prepared to destroy you. You do not fight alone. I am behind the scenes arranging repercussions that make it impossible for things to move forward.”

Excerpt of the Message from January 31st, 2017 – The ruling Elite is coming against President Trump

The Lord began… “Those plotting from underground, the ruling elite and their dark minions, are undermining their own government and fomenting civil war. It is not going to happen, but all this rhetoric and slander is bringing the nation down and must be stopped.”

“Evil is being spoken over this country 24/7 by the bought and paid for media.”

Isn’t that the same tactic the Nazi’s used, in WWII?

“It is. They are coming against your president with great wrath and malice to try and undermine his choices. No person is perfect in all their choices, but I will tell you this – he is very close to perfect.”

Here a 2 Minute extract from Donald Trump’s Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast

But most importantly today I wanna thank the american people. Your Faith and Prayers have sustained me and inspired me through some very very tough times. All around America I’ve met amazing people whose words of worship and encouragement have been a constant source of strength. What I most hear, as I travel the country are five words that never ever fail to touch my heart that’s… ‘I am praying for you’ – I hear it so often – ‘I am praying for you Mr. President’

It’s plain to see what we easily forget, so easily we forget this, that the quality of our lives is not defined by our material success, but by our spiritual success…

I will tell you that and I tell you that from somebody that has had material success and knows tremendous numbers of people with material success, with the most material success, many of those people are very very miserable, unhappy people and I know a lot of people without that, but they have great families, they have great faith, they don’t have money, at least not nearly to the extent and they are happy. Those to me are the successful people…I have to tell you

“All the accusations of wife abuse is nothing more than a smoke screen deterrent to make his already unpopular personality even less popular. As you have said to yourself, ‘He who is without sin, let them cast the first stone.’ What goes on behind the scenes in these politicians lives is just as unkind and abusive. What is different is that it is more detectable in this man. Clare, you know from years of counseling, this is very common in marriages. Not right – but common.”

“I am calling on all my intercessors now to stand in the gap for this man and hold your ground which has been won at a very high cost. Hang in there – this, too, will pass. The first three months of this administration will be the most difficult. But soon after, when more corruption and betrayal by those who were entrusted with this country’s welfare, will be exposed, then the shoe will be on the other foot. Until then, rough going. Stand your ground, intercessors. Don’t give in to false reports or ruses to get you off the important track.”

“Just like in the election, when all were saying that his opponent would win, things will turn around and Truth will triumph. Right now, it is popular to side with the naysayers, but a time will come when that changes.”

“So, hold your ground, My People. You have made the right choice and you will see the fruit of his good judgment in your nation. That’s really all you need to know, My love.”

Excerpt of the Message from February 9th, 2017 – Abortions must stop – Pray for President Trump

Jesus began… “We are not out of the woods yet with your President and much intercession is needed to move on the hearts of those who are resisting him and causing delays. They are making it very hard for him to initiate the changes that have to be made.”

“But they will bend. I, Myself, will see to it and we will get past this point. But it is going to take much perseverance in prayers and offerings, especially for your Senate.”

“My Christian people, choose wisely those who represent your region. There are traitors in the Senate who are bought out by the one world government and you put them in office. Now that their agendas have been exposed, I plead with you to make better decisions in the future. You do not want to live under the rule of corrupt men who are endorsed by Satan. But because the many in your nation have been moved by personality and appearance, they have been deceived into voting for the Destroyers. Yes, I give them this name, The Destroyers, because they work for The Destroyer.”

“The choice has been given into your hand, because you are a democracy, but you must go deeper in your understanding of who is on the enemy’s side and who is on My side. Once you have determined that, it is your prerogative, your honor and your duty to pray and vote them into office and pray behind them as they move forward.”

“The abortions MUST stop, because My Father’s wrath will not tolerate this heinous sin. Indeed, America has been the Great Harlot. Unless that changes, she will reap the justice she deserves. But because of the good that Americans have done in tending to the sick and third world nations – the poor of the world. Because of the efforts of many missionaries and your support of them, My Father’s hand has been stayed for yet another season in anticipation that things will change under this administration.”

“Pray very hard for President Trump, that he will feel My conviction over the sins of this nation, especially abortion. Pray that the conviction goes very, very deep and that he stands against all pressure and opposition that will be leveled against him as this agenda moves forward.”

“I, in turn, will protect him.”

Excerpt of the Message from February 18th, 2017 – Many attempts have been made to start Wars…

Jesus began… “You have been apprised of how the enemy is trying to foil My plans for this country. Wonderful things are in store for her. But only because each and every one of you sacrificed willingly, time to pray, fastings and suffering offered to the Father. Because of this, the ball keeps rolling away from dependence on the shadow government.”

“Many attempts, many, many attempts have been made to start wars, to open the evil forces of the air to descend on the Earth, but My hand is raised and no such invasion will be allowed at this time.”

“This administration is gaining momentum. People who were in a deep state of sleep about the political intentions of the ones they elected, are beginning to see the light. Literally, as it is written, “For nothing is hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be made known and brought to light.” Luke 8:17.

“As disclosure becomes more complete, those who have been in power in the media are going to lose their standing with the public. They have been cheated and lied to about the truth, because they are owned by the shadow government. But people are waking up and looking at whose crimes have been dismissed…as Ben Ghazi. Atrocious crimes committed on many different levels are coming to light and the ignorant public is beginning to see the clay feet of their political idols disintegrating before their very eyes.”

“Each one of these sins and iniquities has been worthy of life imprisonment. Each time the tide comes in it brings new evidence. The press runs out and quickly covers it with sand, then the tide again comes in and again it is covered. But the whole beach eroding and there will come a time when there is no more sand to bury these crimes against humanity by popular personalities in high-ranking government positions. No more sand. Yet the tide will continue to come in bringing with it a new mass of slime and corruption, because My people are praying for an end to unrighteousness and that the truth be exposed, even as I have spoken through the Scriptures and this channel.”

“Not one of the accusations made that are grounded in truth shall go unpunished, because at a certain point the outcry will be so loud that there is no more escaping justice. I, Myself, am bringing up this filth, because this nation has been blind. Your prayers and those of thousands of others, some not even of this nation, are day and night being brought before the throne of My Father – and there will be no more provision for deceit. Truth will triumph.”

Excerpt of the Message from February 20th, 2017 – You are fighting against Satan’s plan to rule the world

Jesus began… “Because the hearts of My people have repented for the sins of this land, because they have cried out to Me for justice, because they continue to press in and cry for justice, because they have turned from their wicked ways and humbled themselves before Me, I will continue to make their enemies impotent. But there is a very big price to pay, My Loved Ones. A very big price. You are dealing with decades of social engineering by the elite shadow government, and as it has been said, Rome was not built in a day. Nor was it taken apart.”

“There is much opposition in places of power, but I am slowly prying their hands off the floodgates, that righteousness and grace may flood the land and revive the parched lands of America. Yet there is a price. You are fighting against Satan’s plan to rule the world. You are fighting against an ignorant generation of young people who have been selectively taught what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right.”

“You are also dealing with artificial intelligence and those who have no souls. Many, many are those who have graduated into positions of power who are not right in their spirits or minds. Their consciousness has been altered and trained to respond to only one set of agendas.”

“Now, I am telling you these things, which some of you already know, because I wish for none of you to be ignorant.”

“What they – the clones of the enemy and satanic worshippers – have planned for this country has been carefully executed, layer upon layer. And reversing the order is far more complicated than electing a man who will do the right things. This is why these times are so very trying for you.”

Excerpt of the Message from February 25th, 2017 – Defend the Truth, expose the Lies… Stand in solidarity behind President Trump

Jesus began… “It is shocking to the American people what has been going on right under their noses. In fact, it is so shocking that no one wants to believe it. And this is being exploited by the elite-controlled media. The more water drained from the swamp, the more vicious the retaliation. This is where My Christian people can have the victory. Defend the truth, expose lies, and stand in solidarity behind this man – President Trump.”

“Many rumors and false reports are being generated about him in order to destabilize the government, but My praying Christian people are nipping these lies in the bud with prayer. Prayer, prayer and again I say: prayer. Yes, you have all suffered greatly for this man and for what is right, and your prayers are keeping the attackers at bay. But he needs prayers for strength: morally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.”

“The underground government is coming out from hiding and using many uninformed people with no interest in doing what is right for this nation.”

“Wake up America, wake up! Time to see the reality of your political system for what it has been and still is. Time to hold your representatives accountable for their allegiances and the way they are attacking those ‘draining the swamp.’”

“It is a nasty, dirty business, but My angels are fighting and working hard to turn the tide. Much wisdom and influence of the supernatural kind is being exerted against the enemy. When men love righteousness more than their own lives, this evil will be kept at bay and even perhaps overthrown. All is in your hands, My People – your prayers, your fasts and offerings.”

“Obama’s time for pulling the wool over this nation is coming to a close. He will be exposed for who and what he is and this country will walk over his bones into her destiny.”

“The three years I have told you of is still CONDITIONAL. It is still dependent upon your prayers and fasts. I am showing you what CAN happen, but it will NOT happen if you do not pray and fast for this season, until the greatest danger is over. Yes, there will be challenges for your president to face, but not as critical as what he is facing in this very hour. That is why I am calling My prayer warriors to fast and pray.”

“Expect Me to move mightily and you WILL see the glory of God and His triumph over evil in this coming season.”