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Hauptseite The Earth EARTH-13 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 13 - The Earth as a man and a woman

1. It was a wonderful day, and the scenery had a friendly appearance. What the traveler saw invigorated him. The clouds had a beautiful color, the air touched his countenance softly, and his soul shouted for joy.

2. Behold, this feeling of well-being in a human being is a sympathetic feeling of the intermittent tranquility of the Earth!

3. Such a cheerful mood occurs upon the body of the Earth when the great soul of the Earth settles in the area of the kidneys in order to allow herself necessary relaxation. At this time there is peace on her surface and her character is gentle. This serene time of the Earth is usually followed by gloomy and stormy weather, when Nature takes on a forbidding and often terrifying character. æ[hat occurs when the Earth’s soul has returned again into her active organs. This does not occur in the Earth in exactly the same manner as it does in a human being, where the soul enters completely into these sleeping quarters, because only a part of the Earth’s soul is allowed to rest, whilst the other part must keep active.

4. This illustration of the partial rest of the Earth’s soul is similar to a night watch, when two human beings relieve each other: one keeps watch from evening to midnight while his companion rests. Then the one who has rested relieves the other and keeps watch until morning while his companion sleeps. As far as the Earth is concerned, complete stillness cannot set in – the daily rotation and the yearly orbit of the Earth around the sun take care of that. Through this, the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth and, at times, the Southern Hemisphere, will have its winter sleep, while the opposite part is active in the greatest degree.

5. The Earth is also procreative, although in a different manner from that of any human, animal, or plant. The Earth, because of her particular nature, should be looked upon as a kind of hermaphrodite: as a man and a woman together in one being. In this particular, the Earth is similar to the first human being, who originally within himself was at the same time man and woman, like the perfect spirits of Heaven, who are also one, man and woman.

6. Since the Earth has the ability to procreate, the question arises: How and what does the Earth produce, and where are her procreative organs? The main procreative organ is the highly protruding South Pole. By reason of the location of this procreative organ – in the negative polarity of the South Pole – the Earth is female.

7. If the Earth be looked at in this manner, namely as a woman, then it is only capable of being the receiver in procreation. Who then procreates with the Earth? The sun, with his opposite polar power!

8. And what does the sun procreate, or what did the sun procreate? The main child of the Earth, the moon, the oldest child of this telluric woman, was procreated in this manner!

9. The Earth has several similar children: a considerable number of comets, which were born by being thrown out into the wide ethereal space. Furthermore, these children are also the falling stars. They are nothing but small comet-like little planets born of the Earth; their elliptical course and their round shape is proof of that. After a certain time, these little planets are recaptured by the Earth.

10. The Earth has many birth canals; the main one is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean not far from the equator in the vicinity of the Society Islands. This is also the place where the moon was born, and, later, a larger number of comets, which still exist today. Other birth canals are lakes, swamps, and caves in the mountains, out of which such little planets are catapulted to considerable heights.

11. Since they have very little mass, the preponderance of the polar energy of the Earth consumes their small store of the opposite polarity. They are attracted back by the Earth, to which they fall in the form of slag, or, should they explode beforehand in the ætheric sphere, like shattered pieces of rock.

Hauptseite The Earth EARTH-13 Chapter