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Hauptseite The Earth EARTH-14 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 14 - The male-female procreation of the Earth

1. All minerals, as well as the plant and animal kingdoms, derive their material origin from this form of procreation. When the Earth is considered to be one, male and female, she procreates and gives birth in the most abundant manner, in such a way that the Earth bears living young, as birds lay eggs, plants bring forth seeds, and minerals produce blossoms.

2. Here are the four kinds of procreation of the Earth in its male-female form. The question might arise: If the Earth does all this, why then the power of multiplication in the plant and animal worlds? And why must the plant, for its propagation, bring forth the seeds that are peculiar to its kind; why the bird the egg, why the animals after their kind, and why the fish their pap-like roe? To the kind of person who can look a little deeper, the answer is clearly given by Nature. It was said in the beginning that the Earth is simultaneously male and female. As a woman she does not procreate, but only receives that which is produced and gives birth. As a man, $he only produces but does not give birth. That which is produced must first mature and be born from the same species into which it is being procreated by the Earth as a man.

3. In order to understand this even better, let us observe a tree reciprocating with the body of the Earth. Let us assume that the seed must have been present before the tree – on which the seed multiplies again – existed. This supposition is true, because in any case it is much easier to produce a seed in the Earth than a fullygrown tree.

4. Regarding animals, the opposite is the case. The bird must have existed before the egg, because the warmth of the animal is required in order to hatch the egg. But, in spite of this, the bird was not immediately present at the very beginning, since in the first period of procreation the Earth laid the first egg.

5. Once the first bird was born of this egg, the bird laid an egg which was structured somewhat differently from the one that was born of the Earth, and it brought out of this egg another bird, which was like the bird that laid the previous egg and hatched it. In the case of birds and also of fish, the first egg should be taken as a seed, and, in this instance as well, the seed existed before the animal that came forth from it. Only when one considers the fundamental difference between the quality of the Earth’s egg and the bird’s egg does it become apparent that the bird existed before it laid the egg. But this was not the case with the seeds of plants; these seeds were born of the Earth, the same as those born of plants. Every species of mammal was born first of the Earth as a mammal and, at the same time, received the ability to propagate through its own procreation abilities.

6. In order to explain the procreative and birth-giving powers of the Earth, let us take a tree as an example. A seed that has ripened on a tree is placed in the soil. There the Earth behaves like a wife who conceives, and, through her own energy, bears what she has conceived to a mature state and gives birth to it. When the tree has fully matured, it assumes towards the Earth the character of a woman, and the Earth assumes the character of a man, and procreates in the tree new seeds for its fructification.

7. This example shows clearly the male and female activities of the Earth. It proves that the Earth must, of necessity, unite in herself both natures. In this example, only the Earth and the tree enter into reciprocal action. But that alone is not enough; we must also ascertain this reciprocal action in the Earth herself.

8. As you know, the Earth has a South and a North Pole. Regarding the main effect of both poles, they remain constantly as they are, the South Pole negative and the North Pole positive; one attracts and the other repels. The consequence of this is that the poles, with their opposite attributes, can exist next to one another comfortably, because one pole is the donor whereas the other is the recipient.

9. Since this polar relation exists, the reciprocal action is most prominent. At its mouth the positive North Pole is the recipient, since it takes in the entire nourishment for the body of the Earth. The South Pole, on the other hand, takes in nothing with its mouth but only eliminates. In the interior, however, the North Pole is the donor and the South Pole the receiver. Here you can see how the Earth-being, through her action, appears alternately in both polarities, partially male and partially female.

10. Much more spectacular is the reverse polar effect through the change from summer to winter, because for half a year there is winter in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, while at the same time there is summer in the Southern Hemisphere; during the next half-year, it is the opposite. This has to be understood in the following manner: winter is the male part and summer is the female part.

11. Winter deposits his seed in the feminine summer, and the summer bears what the winter has procreated. During the wintertime, therefore, one hemisphere is male while the other is female, and here the otherwise female South Pole appears as a male to the North Pole, which has become female. There is, however, one difference: Although the fruits of the Southern Hemisphere of the Earth are sweeter, softer, and fuller, they are not as hardy as those from the north, since femininity is predominant in the Southern Hemisphere, while masculinity is predominant in the Northern Hemisphere. It may also be expressed as follows: in the North the Earth is a man-woman, and in the South a woman-man.

12. From this description, it is obvious that the Earth has a double gender. In order for you to have a full idea of the matter, you need to know that the Earth changes her polarity once during the day and once during the night. The night is always female and the day male. Whatever the day procreates, the night will bear in her dark lap. Accordingly, every seed is procreated and fructified by the Earth as a male being, and matured by and born of the same Earth as a female being.

13. In reality, the fact that the Earth produces seeds for plants and animals may be learned from many occurrences on the surface of the Earth, as for example the original forestation of the mountains or the growth of moss and grass on a once desolate steppe where nothing has grown for a thousand years. Mould and sponges have never produced seeds. To these phenomena belong the raining of fish, snakes, and toads, amongst others, although this seldom occurs; there is not one naturalist who can prove that a whirlwind sucked them up from the Earth and deposited them at another place. (Reference Blue Books, by Strindberg. - ED.).

14. He would also have to prove that there is such a place on Earth where these animals are present in such great numbers. And if he could do that, then the original procreative potency of the Earth would be proven, namely that she has the capacity of bringing such beings forth from out of herself.

Hauptseite The Earth EARTH-14 Chapter