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Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 15 - The general succession of living beings

1. It seems that these phenomena happen in such a manner as to enable you to believe that they were caused by whirlwinds which unite them in the air; they form a cluster, and, when the lifting power of the wind ceases, they fall down. It would take a very strong hurricane or twister to lift frogs, toads, and snakes. If, further, these kinds of animal bodies were to be subjected to such a raging storm, they would be torn to pieces before they could come back to Earth. Secondly, such a twister, in order that it might take all these animals out of a lake or morass, would have to have several hours in length and width, an immense diameter, and such an expenditure of energy that no mountain could resist it. And thirdly, such a powerful twister would also take with it water of the lake to the last drop. Were it to rain such animals, it would also rain water, mud, sludge, and many other water animals and plants, yet this is never the case with these so-called amphibian rains.

2. Now, these occurrences come into being in the following manner. The Earth procreates in her interior the eggs of these animals in great number; these eggs are very small, and may very easily be driven out through the pores and canals of the Earth. æ[he higher they ascend, the more they expand through the fermenting substances they contain, and in the end they are lighter than air. They rise above the surface of the Earth in the shape or form of a dark fog, like an air balloon. When they have reached a certain height, they enter into a very strong electrical current.

3. In this current they mature very fast, and are usually born in exceedingly great numbers.

4. Since these animals form a body of air by the electrical current, they cannot maintain themselves at these heights; therefore they slowly sink to Earth. That is how they descend well-preserved, and live for a few more hours. However, this formation represents an advancement over stages of evolution, and it is not in unison with the orderly progression of the intelligences of the body of the Earth, and so they pass quickly 1mm their physical existence, to be absorbed by the Earth and driven into the plant world. It should be mentioned that these special births are allowed to pass over earlier into the physical stage attained by animals, and that they do not have to endure a legion of plant lives before that.

5. It is, of course, entirely different with original plants, which enter as such into their first existence. These must first progress through all the stages of plant life before they may be accepted into animal life. There exists, however, a great difference among plants, namely noble and not so noble plants, good and not so good ones. The noble ones are very close to the animal stage, and the most noble ones are very close to the stage of human beings in that they may soon be received into the human world, and the greater part may be received into the nobler part of the animal world. Such plants have a short transition, whereas the less noble or less superior plants take a long time until they are accepted at the stage of the noble plants; this also applies to animals. The aforementioned manner whereby some animals are directly procreated from the Earth applies also to the seeding of plants, especially in rocky Arabia and in some areas of Africa and America. Large deserts and steppes have certain points of birthing for seeds, and there you will find plant growth in abundance. Wherever such a source of birth does not exist, the Earth remains desolate and empty.

6. Newly emerging islands have to thank the seeds that were procreated by the Earth for their plant growth. Once this plant growth has sufficiently progressed through a sequence of stages, animals will begin to develop as well; only, however, up to imperfectly crawling animals and insects, because the naturally free transition does not extend any further.

7. In order to create a perfect animal, a higher force must make its appearance so that the preceding levels may be passed over. And so it goes, on up to the human being, which is not newly created but brought to that point through migration at the right time. These explanations will suffice for the intellectual to understand the procreative capacity and propagative powers of the Earth. You will understand that these manifestations originate essentially in the kidneys of the Earth, since the common substance of the seed is there developed and fructified for further LISC in the manner described.

8. This, briefly, is the actual active nature of the interior of the Earth, revealed in such a manner as to be understandable to the human intellect. But since the entire Earth cannot be understood merely through a knowledge of its interior, we must examine the surface of the Earth as well. The surface will be easier to comprehend, since there is a great deal of phenomena for which even the most learned researchers cannot supply an explanation.

9. You must imagine the solid formation to be exceedingly complicated, and encompassing by far the largest part of the Earth. It may be compared to the solid wood of a tree, which makes up most of the mass of a tree. And just as in a tree the most wondrous appointments have been made, so it is with the Earth. This solid part of the Earth should be considered a school, through which beings, at first awkwardly formed, ascend from the innermost of the Earth and acquire their actual formation.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-15 Chapter