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Main Page The Earth EARTH-17 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 17 - The fortification of the fluids of the Earth

1. We have been told how the fluids from the interior of the Earth are driven upwards through the middle, or firm, Earth. On this journey of many thousands of miles, however, they would soon lose their original strength, which is added substantially to the nature of the fluids. In order to remedy this, help must be provided through an ingenious mechanism from another source. Innumerable fine, pure ferruginous filaments travel in a north to south direction, and, contrariwise, platinum and, at times, cupriferous mineral filaments move from the south to the north. These threads are so fine that the thread of a spider is ten thousand times thicker than one of these threads. These filaments or fibers do not run in a straight line but traverse in undulatory and spiral turns, especially in the areas where they come into contact with the ascending veins and canals.

2. These filaments consist of heterogeneous crystals in pyramidal form, connected with each other like links in a chain and in such a manner that the apex of such a three-edged or trihedral pyramid settles exactly in the middle of the bottom plane of the pyramid that follows. The apex of the ferruginous pyramids faces north, while the apex of the platinum and cupriferous pyramids faces south. The circuit must be arranged in such a manner that the active electromagnetic fluid is preserved for a distance which frequently exceeds 12,427 miles (20,000 kilometers).

3. This line of pyramids would not, however, be sufficient to conduct the current over thousands of miles if it did not continue to run in a tube composed of a substance that will not allow even one electric spark to pass through. But even here, there would be no advantage if these filaments were to let the electromagnetic fluid travel alternately back and forth. Therefore storage chambers must be installed at certain points, especially in the area of the ascending canals. Once such a storage chamber has been filled, it affects the fluid in the canal and imparts new energy to it. This is one purpose of these numerous storage chambers, which at times are larger, smaller, negative, or positive, so that the substance which has become too hot from the positive electricity in the ascending liquid may be cooled off again by the negative electricity.

4. The other purpose of these conduit filaments is to set in motion the many propulsion pumps in the canals which support the driving force of the pulse of the Earth’s heart. Without this support, the pulse beat would soon wane, because with every beat it has to move many trillions of a hundredweight of fluids. The pressure pumps assist the pulse force of the Earth’s heart, so that the heart itself has only to deal with a considerably lesser weight.

5. Furthermore, there are also vessels that re-absorb these fluids through the veins at the moment when they are prepared in the animal body; those fluids that are not sufficiently prepared for the nourishment of the Earth surge back again to the heart to be revivified. These return canals are also equipped with holding shutters that open only when the heart of the Earth contracts. When it expands, these shutters close and will not allow the returning fluids to proceed any farther. These return canals are narrower than the ascending canals; therefore, the pillar of fluid I hey contain is not as heavy. Moreover, the fluid in the return canals is considerably more inert than that in the ascending canals. The shutters also have to ensure that there is no interruption in the passage, only that it be narrowed. This mechanical facility may also be found in the veins of animal bodies and in the tubes of wood where the return vessels are located between the outer bark and the wood.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-17 Chapter