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Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 28 - The spirits of the uppermost region of the air

1. Let us turn first to the uppermost region of the air in order to see what kind of spiritual beings are at home there, and what they do.

2. In this region are perfected spirits – those that were formerly human beings on Earth. Here they enjoy continual light, because it will never become fully dark at these heights. In the spiritual sphere there is uninterrupted day.

3. The third region of the air has reached a purely spiritual stage, whereas the second region is still frequently subject to lower influences. However, the first, or lowest, region of the air is more subject to the lower influences; it is the region where good and evil are mixed.

4. No spirit which passes over from this external physical Earth to the spiritual world will be able, no matter how complete, to ascend immediately into the actual kingdom of Heaven, because he has left something in the earthly body that he requires for his perfection and which he can only gradually acquire. Only when he has purified and spiritualized the last remnant of that which once was his and taken it up in his being may he leave this region and enter into the first sphere of the actual kingdom of Heaven.

5. The spirit, as the fundamental principle of life flowing out of Me, does not actually require anything from the body of the Earth for his perfection. But the external shape, his carrier, which was formed out of the soul, must reunite within itself up to the last atom that which was once bestowed upon it out of the fullness of My idea which formed it. That which was given exists in the form of infinite particles of intelligence which, upon the departure of a human being, cannot be liberated all at once. These are the parts of the body and specifica that a human being, during his lifetime, has inhaled and exhaled, and includes the waste of his body, his tears, even his clothing and his abode. In brief, everything that he at one time or another brought forth and did through his own power must, in time, be obtained by the soul as purified specificum. In this manner, the spirit has within himself a complete introspection and the clearest recollection of everything that happened along the long path by which he will again reach his first perfection.

6. The spirit could not attain this special recollection if his physical self had not obtained everything which originally belonged to his being, and everything which he has acquired on the long circular path. That is the meaning of the sentence, “Every hair on the head is counted.” Whosoever lives according to My teachings gathers. Whosoever acts otherwise disperses.

7. That is why the spirit has to remain for a while in the third region, until he has obtained everything that once was his. How does the spirit know what belongs to him? This lies in the eternal order. Every blade of grass finds exactly its specificum out of the immense, endless amount of specifica; the spirit is much more accurate in finding what belongs to him.

8. The question arises: What does the spirit do during this waiting period? He fulfills the tasks of the spirits of this region. He paves the way for those who are newly arrived, familiarizes them with their new surroundings, and instructs them in their tasks.

9. The purer spirits of the lower regions he rules by teaching. Should any quarrel arise, he, as well as others of his kind, will descend to these regions as peacemakers and re-establish order.

10. When alien spirits from other celestial bodies arrive here, he will examine them. If they are found to be mature enough, he will guide them downwards to Earth and assist them through his influence with their investiture thereinto. He also takes care that these spirits be led onto the path of severe trials, which they agreed to travel while they were on another celestial body, in order to become children of God.

11. The guardian spirits of human beings live in this third region. These pure spirits are not the sole rulers, because in many things they lack complete knowledge. That is why there are perfect angel-spirits constantly present to instruct them in what they have to do and how to settle disputes. The residence of the spirits of the third region is a wonderful paradise. They have everything – whatever their hearts will enjoy in love for God.

12. There the spirit, in accordance with his nature, becomes the creator of his surroundings, in which he then is spiritually at home. He enjoys everything in abundance, and any famine is far removed. Through this enjoyment the spirit gradually obtains whatever of his being remained on Earth. When the Earth no longer owes him anything, only then has he attained his complete firmness. Then he may be admitted into the kingdom of Heaven for his higher perfection.

13. There are also those spirits that have left a variety of belongings in other worlds. In order to collect their belongings, they ascend to those spheres of those celestial bodies where they had either received their main specificum, or where they had once lived physically. This is what is necessary upon the path of love, which is the only attracting principle. All this must occur voluntarily, while each and every spirit seeks to collect within himself that which is his and return it to Me completely in great love.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-28 Chapter