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Main Page The Earth EARTH-4 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 4 - The nature of matter and its primordial spirits

1. It has already been mentioned that the purpose of matter is not contained merely in its physical existence. Perishing matter is relieved in a perpetual cycle by matter coming into being anew. Minerals and animals of every kind and description, as well as plants, come into being and perish. Mountains whose peaks, a few thousand years ago, ascended into the highest regions of the clouds are now less than half their original height. The sharpness of the winds, the dissolving powers of lightning and ice, removed those peaks and turned them into loose pebbles which, through rain, wind, and electricity, decompose little by little and are destroyed. These processes could not he carried out without the possibility of a change in the center of gravity in matter.

2. Once there were huge animals on this Earth, and primeval forests with trees of gigantic proportions. Where are they now? Where is it possible to find even one of those trees which lived for a thousand years and which yielded more wood than a small forest of the present day? Floods sank them all deep beneath the surface of the Earth’s crust, when thousands of species of trees and animals perished. They are found as petrified bones, and preserved as such until the time comes when the remains of these giant primeval animals will turn to ashes, the last remnants of all matter. Regarding the destruction of these primeval trees, whose remains are now mined as hard coal, it will not take long until inventions that require coal for heating will have consumed these last remnants.

3. Some will say that it is sad that everything in existence is heading towards annihilation, but I say: It is not sad at all! It is better that all matter and all flesh decompose in time, so that the life that is captured therein may be set free from matter, rather than that all free life in the end pass over into the death of matter.

4. This cannot be My intention, because I, as the eternal omnipotent primeval force and might, am the most essential life, and therefore I can act only for life.

5. Since matter is but a means for the regulation and liberation of free life, it is impossible that a changeless existence could be its purpose. When, through matter, a life’s assigned task has been fulfilled, it perishes again, as if it had never existed. On the whole, matter is nothing more than a purposeful appearance of My determined will. This leads to the conclusion that it may be dissolved in the same way that it originated. This point of fixation is the main center of gravity in matter, the enlivening and preserving principle. If it is withdrawn from a material body, that is the end of the body.

6. In order that nothing may appear or vanish suddenly, I will never allow this principle of My will to withdraw in an instant. Neither will I allow it to seize a point at once and thereby allow something to come into existence or vanish immediately. The formation and decay of the immense celestial bodies takes place at the slowest pace; why that is so should by now be easily understood. It is the same regarding the Earth, so that the center of gravity which gives her life is being reduced little by little, until she will also share the fate of all matter.

7. Now we know the reason for the change of the center of gravity in matter, how this causes its transitoriness, and in what the main principle of the center of gravity rests. If it were possible to see the center of gravity with physical eyes, the Earth’s active center of gravity would present itself as a fire, flashing at the greatest speed through particular organs of the Earth and thus causing the necessary reaction that in all parts preserves the earthly body.

8. If you saw this fire with your spiritual eyes, you would discover a countless host of spirits which are kept on Earth through My will and impelled to a purposeful and particular activity. These are the primordial spirits, whose bondage compels them to actively stimulate the matter surrounding them, through which they ascend higher and higher until, clothed in a lighter matter, they are able to pass over step by step into a perfect free life. These kinds of spirits, which appear like fire to the physical eye, determine the entire composition of the matter of the active, enlivening center of gravity.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-4 Chapter