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Main Page The Earth EARTH-45 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 45 - Mineral, plant, and animal (centrifugal and centripetal forces)

1. The plant kingdom is the transitional zone between the mineral kingdom and the ether, which descends from the constellations as dew to the animal kingdom.

2. Fundamentally, neither the plant nor the mineral kingdom exists in pure form since, in actuality, both kingdoms are animal kingdoms as well. Every mineral consists of many infusorial animal species; and within these species as many individual psychic intelligence specifica may be found. He who is in possession of just a small amount of the true wisdom of the spirit will not find it difficult to ascertain the fundamental intelligence specifica in every mineral as well as in every plant.

3. All you have to do is to ascertain the attributes of a mineral or a plant; then you will have also found the many different kinds of fundamental specifica, of which each is unique and therefore, with one intelligence, fulfills one particular purpose in a mineral. In order that a mineral may become what it is and what it should he, the different kinds of specifica that belong to the mineral must unite to form the particular mineral which is necessary in accordance with the order. If, for instance, we examine iron, and if we enumerate the individual attributes of this metal, we shall see what is necessary for its formation. Iron is heavy. This heaviness is caused by one specificum, which ascends from the interior of the Earth. That is why it always pulls in the direction of the place whence it was banished for long periods of time, even though it is now bound to this metal. The pull of heaviness in this specificum is the same as love for the below.

4. Notice furthermore the hardness of iron. This distinctive specificum conceals within itself the separate intelligence of total selfishness, and with it, of course, hardness towards any neighborhood. This specificum is also from below.

5. Furthermore, we discover that iron is pliable, which already signifies a higher psychic intelligence, a humble compliance. That is the reason why this specificum is already mightier than the first two. The first two lose nothing of their character through the presence of this specificum, but they have to act in accordance with this specificum. That is why the iron becomes more pliable and ductile when it is heated.

6. This condition corresponds to compliant humility. The more the compliant humility and the will are tested through the ordeal of fire, the more accommodating they become. This specificum is, however, still from below, but it is already of the good kind because it has learned to be obedient.

7. Another distinctive specificum is dissolution. Iron, as you know, may be dissolved either by acid or fire. The intelligence of freedom lies within this specificum; if it finds the opportunity to liberate itself, it carries along all the specifica mentioned before. This specificum also corresponds by nature to the centrifugal force, which would expand to infinity if it did not have its limitation.

8. Besides that, there is another attribute to prevent that from happening: an intelligence specificum that expresses unshakable perseverance. This specificum wants to withdraw within itself, and it is therefore the counterforce of the former.

9. This specificum limits the one that strives for expansion, while the former centrifugal specificum controls the latter centripetal one.

10. Again we notice another attribute of this metal; it is the effortlessness with which it becomes red hot in fire. This is caused by the anger specificum in the iron, which is usually at rest. When stimulated, it devours all the other specifica and transposes them into its own condition. All the specifica which have been described until now come from below, and would not in any sense constitute, by themselves alone, the actual iron. The constitution of iron becomes possible only by the satiation of nobler specifica from the stars. How can these specifica be recognized?

11. When iron is rubbed, it acquires a metallic, acidulous odor. æ[his odor is a specificum with an intelligence which already attests to active love, just as in all acids and in unrestrained oxygen the well-known vital air is present. In a spiritual sense it is active love, which in the actual sense is life itself. This specificum is the uniting principle of the specifica of iron. Not only does the specificum penetrate the iron completely, but the specificum also encompasses the iron with its own oxygen shell. That is where the odor of iron originates.

12. Another attribute of this metal is its great willingness to accept electricity. The cause is the same specificum in this metal; it is the intelligence of mobility, and with it the thirst for social unification. This specificum is not restrained like the earlier ones, but it is a specificum penetrating and encompassing this metal, the same as the aforementioned specificum. But since it is related Io the earlier ones, it will make a constant effort to liberate them and claim them for itself.

13. Usually it shows itself in the form of rust, which in time inverts and dissolves all the iron. The rust by itself is actually not the electric specificum that remains constantly free, but is the earlier specifica which are connected to this free specificum, and this specifica (rust) strives to become like this electric specificum.

14. This specificum is therefore also from above.

15. Mother attribute of iron is its luster in a whitish-gray color. This specificum carries within itself the quality of “peacefulness.” Only in peacefulness can everything be balanced, and as a result a smooth surface appears which is receptive to light like the surface of a mirror. This specificum is particular to all iron but is not firmly connected with it. And this specificum unites with it only when its surface is cleansed, leveled, and burnished. However, were its particles – which have come to complete rest upon the surface – to be destroyed through friction and corrosion, the specificum would be gone immediately at that point. The soul is only receptive to the light when she enters into the peacefulness of her spirit, because in the spirit the main principle is peacefulness. This is the reason why the ancient sages wished the departed nothing but peacefulness and light.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-45 Chapter