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Main Page The Earth EARTH-50 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 50 - The influences of the spirits during the procreation of human beings

1. There is very little difference between the procreation of a human being and that of an animal. The soul of a human being must be completely in existence. This means that she must unite all such substantial specifica as are dispersed throughout the whole universe, and these must be supplied to her from all sides. The soul is such a compendium of complete substantial specifica, a unification of the substantial specifica. The specifica in the soul, however, are mixed, so that it might be said that, before procreation, the soul is a snarl that must be disentangled in order that she may acquire her specified form. This disentanglement begins with the progenitive act, because it is there that the soul-snarl is placed in the mother’s womb and enveloped.

2. Within this shell or envelope the intelligences that correspond with one another begin to approach and hold onto one another. The spirits provide them with the light in their shell so that they may accomplish this task. The substantial specific intelligences recognize one another in this light, segregate, take hold of one another, and unite. All this occurs at the urgent request of the spirits’ will, which are entrusted with the supervision. These spirits are what you would call “guardian spirits.” Angels and higher angels will also exert their influence. Every human being has at least three guardian spirits, two angels and one higher angel; and above these watches a seventh, Whom you know well.

3. From the moment of procreation, these guardian spirits and angels arrange themselves around the new soul, and care incessantly for the soul’s orderly development.

4. Once the soul, in her shell, has attained human form, the mother’s womb will supply her with the corresponding specifica. The soul employs this specifica to bind her intelligences together more firmly. When it has been accomplished, other specifica flow from the mother’s womb to the place of the new incarnation, and are employed for the formation of the nerves. The nerves are fibers which are seized and used by the soul to cause the body to make any possible movement. As soon as these tasks have been accomplished in both structure and connections, new specifica flow in. The new specifica are placed in order for the formation of the viscera. When the main viscera, with their most important organs, are developed, they are then connected with the main nerves.

5. With the addition of other specifica, the entire formation of the viscera will be completed. Most of the nerves come together in the head, mainly at the back of the head, where the soul also has her head. This is why the formation of the viscera begins with that of the head. The head is the picture corresponding most to the soul, because the entire intelligence of the soul concentrates itself through particular emanations in the head. And since the intelligence mirrors itself in its most complete form in the eyes, it may be best recognized there. All the emanations of the individual intelligences of the soul flow into the eyes, and therewith form their natural power of sight. And through the power of sight the eyes can form the outer world within themselves.

6. When the soul has completed this development with the assistance of the spirits, she is supplied with new specifica, and these will be employed for the formation of flesh, gristle, muscles, tendons, veins, and bones. Those things which belong together seize one another by themselves. When the spirits do not indicate to the specifica of intelligence the proper path through their wise guidance, the direction as well as the form may be wrong. When a woman who is carrying a child is in Hell with her thoughts and feelings, whither My good spirits and angels cannot follow her, a miscarriage usually results. Therefore, every woman should be urgently requested, while pregnant, to conduct herself as virtuously as possible.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-50 Chapter