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Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 53 - Satana’s soul

1. We already know that a soul may be re-divided, because she is composed of countless particles of intelligence. This will occur either for total dissolution or in specific partial concentrations, in accordance with the kinds and various numbers of the united individual intelligences within, so as to assume corresponding formations.

2. There are many examples of this phenomenon in and upon the Earth. Look at the various metals, plants, and animals, which clearly provide you with many such examples whereby psychic or astral connections may shape themselves into the most peculiar formations. They are no more than external material pictures of internal soul forms, because the external form can only correspond to the internal one; as the internal power of formation, thus is the effect of the external form.

3. Such a division of the soul occurred when the first human pair was created, when out of one soul two souls came, because nowhere is it said that the Creator breathed life into Eve; instead, Eve came forth from Adam with a body and a soul.

4. Into this second soul was also placed an immortal spirit; thus out of one human being and out of one soul came two, and yet they were one flesh and one soul. A division of the soul may easily be recognized in children, because the soul of the child is taken partially from the soul of the parents. The resemblance of children to their parents is proof of this. And what is foreign is what is dissimilar.

5. In the spiritual world, this divisibility is much more pronounced, and it manifests itself through countless strange phenomena. A soul whose conduct is not sufficiently trained in accordance with the Gospel appears in the spiritual world in the most varied of forms, down to animalistic forms, because the soul in her earthly life squandered parts of the specifica that were necessary for her complete formation. These specifica are no longer present when the soul departs from the body. That is why the form of the soul, outside of the body, can only be highly incomplete. Many souls that are overmuch inclined in one or another sensuous direction, and thereby attract an overabundance of specifica which their being can no longer accommodate, appear in the spiritual world as a multitude of the most peculiar and often ghastly aberrations.

6. When a human being here on Earth has an especially strong sensuous inclination, this inclination will reveal itself in the soul, because of the over-abundance of such substantial intelligence specifica, which, in accordance with the spiritual order, no longer belong to the pure human form of the soul. In some human beings these abnormal inclinations of the soul are already recognizable in the earthly body. Indeed, this is not always the case, since the body does not react as easily as does the soul to foreign specifica. This will happen to the soul very early in life, or when the soul, as a consequence of parental sins, has inherited unsuitable specifica; then the specifica will appear noticeably in such a body, since the body is considerably more receptive at an early age.

7. The descriptions which have been given so far clearly prove that the soul may not only be divided again when she is materially firm, but also when she is already firm and free. It was mentioned above that the whole Earth belongs to Satan’s soul.

8. This not only applies to the Earth alone – all the other celestial bodies are also developed from this one soul. This one soul is now dissolved in countless parts in these celestial bodies.

9. The spirit is not divisible. Wherever he be placed in a large or a small soul, he remains there as a unity. Even if Lucifer’s soul was once very large, it was only possible for one spirit to live in her. And this one spirit, which fell through his own volition, cannot dwell in the countless parts of his former primordial soul. His dwelling is limited solely to this Earth, which is inhabited by you.

10. All the other celestial bodies, although they are parts of his former soul, are free of this inhabitant. That is why the human beings of those celestial bodies, even though they are better by nature than the ones on Earth, can never completely reach the godlike heights, as can the children of Earth. In the Spirit of God, the Earth is the most distant and the very last, and that is the reason why, should she reform, she can become the highest and most godlike.

11. That is why I, the Lord, chose the Earth as the scene of My highest mercy, and created upon her soil all heavens anew. Every human being that is born on Earth receives a spirit from Me, and may, in accordance with the prescribed order, acquire the consummate filiation with God.

12. Human beings on other celestial bodies receive their spirits from the angels, because every angel is a child of God. Therefore each had to endure the path of the flesh on this Earth, just as did I Myself and every Archangel. This is why an angel has the creative power within, which he may take out of the abundance of his love and light and place in the new, developing human beings of other planets; and he may in this manner rear children in his name, like a god. These children are therefore only emulated, not true children of God. But they can acquire God’s filiation through an incarnation upon this Earth.

13. Behold, it is a disadvantage for human beings to be on Earth, because they live so close to the most evil of all spirits, who causes human beings so much anguish.

14. On the other hand, human beings have an infinite advantage: they possess a mighty spirit from God, with which they can, if they only wish to, fend off this wickedness and thus become consummate children of God.

15. Someone might raise the objection: From whence were the spirits of human beings on other planets taken at the time when there were no human beings on Earth? Can it be safely assumed that other, much older, celestial solar bodies were inhabited by human beings billions of years earlier than Earth?

16. These objections may be answered thus: As mentioned before, the much older celestial bodies are descendants of one and the same soul. The larger the plant, the longer it takes to bear fruit. Place a grain of wheat and an acorn in the soil and ask yourself: Which seed will bear fruit first? In a few months the grain of wheat will bring forth other grains of wheat, yet the oak will require many years. Infusoria can live through several hundreds of generations in one minute. The elephant requires over two years to bear its young, and approximately twenty years are required before they are procreative and conceptive. Now examine the difference: How many generations of infusoria would live when compared to one generation of elephants?

17. This example should enable you to understand that a primary sun, which is older by several decillions of earth years (a 1 followed by 60 zeros) than the Earth, which is several quintillion (a 1 followed by 30 zeros) years old, is considerably larger than the Earth in accordance with that proportion, and will much later broadcast its seeds to maturity. My intentions are well calculated, so that the fruits of all celestial bodies will reach maturity when the central point of spiritual creation has developed so far that its spiritual surplus of life may be implanted into the fruits of other celestial bodies.

18. However, it is true that human beings existed on the primordial sun Urka before the Earth was expelled from her sun. But these human beings have a different life span than the humans on Earth. When a human being on Urka is only ten Urka years old, he is already older than this entire Earth. This example should enable you to understand that the first born of this celestial body are still alive to this hour, and some that are born on Urka at this moment will live as long as Earth exists. It was definitely possible, in the time given, for Me and all the angels to endure the path of the flesh, and they, as My children, have already taken from the abundance of their life for a long time and implanted it into the children of other celestial bodies.

19. From everything that has been said thus far, the divisibility of the soul should be obvious to anyone who has a spirit and therewith light, especially the divisibility of the primordial soul that was created first of primordial spirit. And it should also be obvious that this Earth is the particular part of his primordial soul, which is now the only part that is inhabited by the primordially created spirit.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-53 Chapter