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Main Page The Earth EARTH-56 Chapter

Jesus Christus reveals thru Jacob Lorber: The natural and spiritual Earth

Chapter 56 - Satana’s nature and name

1. You have often heard and read that human beings give this evil spirit and his cohorts, commonly called “devils,” all kinds of names. I shall explain to you why and whence this arch-evil spirit received all the different names, and who the devils actually are.

2. Satana, Satan, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Gog, Magog, the Serpent, the Dragon, the Animal of the Abyss, Lucifer, and many more names like this indicate him. Lucifer, or “Bearer of Light,” was his original name. Satana meant as much as “the Antipole of the Divinity.” This spirit, as Satana, faced the divinity as a wife her husband. The divinity would have propagated into his being her countless eternal ideas, so that they might have matured in his concentrated light. And through this a creation of beings would have come forth in the highest clarity from the light of this spirit. All infinity would have been continually more and more populated from out of this light. In an infinite realm there is room for the infinite, and eternities could fill this realm that never could become overcrowded.

3. But since this spirit had such a high designation, to be a second god next to Me, he had to pass, in accordance with his designation, the test of freedom. And as you know, he did not pass, because he wanted to rise above the divinity.

4. It was over a matter of rank that this spirit opposed the divinity. Since this spirit could never be allowed to rule, he became enraged and conceived the intention of annihilating the divinity. He would not have lacked the power for such a deed had not the divinity, in her eternal wisdom, severely imprisoned this mutineer and all his parts at the proper time. It may seem amazing that such power existed in this spirit as to enable him to resist the eternal divinity successfully. But the matter will be more readily understood when you consider that the divinity placed in this spirit, a complete second AI,” which, although created in time, was placed opposite the divinity with equal power in all realms of infinity.

5. This spirit, into which the divinity herself had concentrated her light, was propagated throughout the whole of infinity. That is why it would have been possible for him to seize and eliminate the divinity everywhere. Delusions of power awoke in him great vanity and self-complacency in his light and in his infinite sublimity and power. He thereby forgot his Creator, the eternal divinity, and became inflamed in his impudence and hardened himself. At this point the divinity seized his specific being, formed out of him celestial bodies throughout the whole of infinity, and eventually shackled his spirit in the most restrictive manner, and banished him to the depths of the Earth.

6. In this position, this spirit is no longer Satana but Satan, because he freed himself from the eternal divine order. That means having the same pole as the divinity. You are aware of the fact that the same poles repel each other. Herein lies the reason that this being is now the farthest and the most opposite from the divinity.

7. The fettered spirit, divested of his soul, promised several times to better himself if he were permitted certain things. He could have succeeded, since he is now separated from all his evil soul specifica. He laid down the condition that he be divinely worshiped for a period of time. He promised that, should he no longer find any pleasure in this veneration, he would turn back and become a pure spirit. His wish was granted. Heathendom, which is almost as old as humankind, testifies to this situation. On Earth, the Lord reserved for Himself only a small nation of people. All others might, without detriment to their free will, comply unpunished with this spirit’s wish. Under these circumstances, diverse names emerged for this being, revered as god.

8. Since this spirit was not satisfied with anything, and interfered ever more with the divine order, he was taken again into more severe detention. After he had, at that time, recruited and groomed a multitude of like-minded spirits from the human race, he acted and continues to act through these, his servants. A diabolus or devil is none other than a spirit that has grown up and been educated in Satan’s school.

9. It should not be interpreted thereby that these spirits were, in reality, educated in a special school of Satan. They developed by themselves to this level through the particular specifica which they took into themselves voluntarily out of the sphere of this spirit. And, because these spirits also have arch-evil within them, that is why they are called “devils.” Although they are “students of Satan,” there is still a vast difference between Satan and them, because only their souls are evil, their spirits remaining pure, even though severely incarcerated, whilst the spirit of Satan is the actual evil. It can therefore happen that all devils can be saved before Satan, in his final fall, attains the fullest of maturity in evil.

Main Page The Earth EARTH-56 Chapter